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Well I just read online the article in the News Week Magazine.  I was happy to see more public knowledge of what has haunted me since I was in my early teens.  I am 34 now and still have gynecomastia.  I just ordered a t-shirt, finally, from    I was medically diagnosed about 8 years ago when I finally got up the nerve to go to one of those free plastic surgeon consultations.  He said it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen (reminder, I am from AR and I don't know how much this guy has seen) I just know I want to do something about it.
All of the stories I have read on here about high school, work related, family experiences, etc., I have been through it all, and as I read, I felt you all were writing about me.  Like I was being watched throughout my life.  I still deal with it today, mainly with work.  Maybe that is why I change jobs every 2 years.  I feel like this "condition" I have is holding me back, confidence is at a bare minimal.  I have tried different doctors, when I tell them about the issue, it is briefly discussed and move on to the next reason I came for an appointment.  Prozac can only do so much for you.  I don't have the money for surgery (sometimes I think I never will have it and will be condemned for the rest of my life), hence the reason for  getting the shirt. 
Also, I am gay (go ahead beat me over the head now) and this is another obstacle in my life.   I can't see myself with someone, and haven't in many years.  It scares people off, so all I have is work and home, and occassionaly hanging with friends that don't look at me in that way. Layers of shirts, and everyone is always like "why do you wear so many shirts, that is why you are hot all of the time."  I would rather be hot than to let people see me.  I hate taking my clothes off to take a shower, being exposed.
I was heavy in school, so in 1993 I lost 60 pounds (I did it slowly) and kept it off for 5 years.  But that did not remove these things from my body.  I hunch over and have poor posture, as when I stand up straight, they are very noticeable.
As I look back over what I have been writing, I sound angry....  It's not that, it's just that I am so depressed.  I wish I could win a lottery or big money at a casino, then I could have this taken away.   Until that happens, or insurance companies decide it is a "coverable" procedure, I will just remain for now.
Thank you all for listening, I will write more later on.



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mine isnt so bad, thank you for posting and hopefully helping some of us with gyno


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