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I'm concerned about the binder used by some bulky is it? Is it visible under a shirt?

how noticeable are the underarm scars?
are they level with the nipple?
can they go in through the armpit?

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They say the purpose of the binder/compression vest is to limit fluid buid-up and the development of scar tissue and to just overall help the chest to heal quicker.  I supose it's up for debate on the overall effectiveness of the vest.  My PS said i'd wear one for 30 days and i've read other guys here say just a couple days or in some cases, not at all.  

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or in some cases, not at all.  

Doc Fielding told me that a compression vest was not necessary.

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Surgery: February 16, 2005. - Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Surgeon: Dr. John Craig Fielding   M.D.   F.R.C.S. (C) (416.766.8890)
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I am wearing a compression vest now and it's not visible at all. I've been wearing it for almost two weeks and was told to wear it for at least 6 weeks day and night and then several weeks during the day only.


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