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I'm 19 years old, from England and a few days ago I discovered a lump under my right nipple. In the past I have thought that my chest was a little bit flabby (I'm pretty skinny) but not that noticeable. Anyway, the first thing I thought is that this lump could be cancer so I've since seen a doctor, who after checking my chest and testicles told me that I don't have cancer and I have gynecomastia.

I hoped going to the doctor would give me peace of mind but it hasn't completely taken away my worries of cancer. He asked me whether I'd like him to refer me to a hospital and I think he will because he could tell I was very worried and when I left he said that I might hear from him.

I've got a few questions which I'd appreciate any answers to:

1. Is it common for gyno to start off as just a small lump? (about 1cm)

2. How long should I wait for the doctor to contact me?

3. How long do referrals generally take before you have an appointment?

4. How long do test results usually take?

I'm not fussed if I have gyno, I'm not an ugly person. I just don't want it to be anything else. I'm trying not to worry but i can't help it much of the time. You can probably tell that I'm quite anxious for answers so if can help me I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks to anyone who reads this.



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