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WE NOW HAVE REDUCED PRICED AND SEPARATE STD AND BACKGROUND CREDENTIAL- You can now visit your personal physician for testing
XOXY ( is YOUR mobile enabled personal risk management tool for dating safety which is available on Apple and Android.  XOXY is patented, privacy protected, cyber security safe and HIPAA compliant.  There are no accessible lists of members nor negative consequences associated with using our product.  There are no results nor personal information in the application (which makes it hack proof) and there are no negative consequences to testing (those who fail to receive a credential or decide not to get tested cannot be found in the look-up function.)
There are five exciting ways to use XOXY;
1.       Use XOXY to Search for current members by; i. signing up for the Search/Refer option (sign up on your laptop/desktop computer) then ii. download the XOXY app and iii. enter a person’s Name, City and State in the look-up registry.  The Search option allows you to determine if your date is already a XOXY member and includes a real-time (Not from Highschool) photo.  This is a FREE service.  If your date is not already a member, skip to #2.
2.       Use XOXY to Refer a potential date to obtain either a Background Credential or our STD Credential.  This is also a FREE service and can be accomplished through the Search /Refer function.
3.       Stand Out from the Crowd and prove you are who you say you are with no felonies or sex offenses with our Background credential or register for our optional STD credential.  Why not join the distinguished group of XOXY members and stay ahead your competition of 105 million single Americans.  You can initiate the credentials yourself (through registration at by using your laptop or desktop computer) or as requested through the Refer function noted above. Once you have the XOXY credential you can: a. Share your credential using our mobile app, b. Let people know you have the credential and they can confirm through the Search function and c. Advertise your credential on your online dating profiles.   For a limited time, TAKE $5 off the cost of any credential by using promo code SAFE at checkout.
4.       Use our Background Credential for other personal uses such as; Craig’s list and AirBnB hosting to ensure that your potential tenant does not have a criminal background.  Simply sign up for Search/Refer option and refer your potential tenant to obtain the XOXY Background Credential.  Once the tenant passes, you will find them by entering their name, city, state and real time photo within the Search registry.
5.       We are currently working with Online Dating and Social Sites that wish to offer YOU the option to remain safe while using their services.  Why not utilize those sites that care about your health and safety versus sites that play the numbers game by allowing you to be paired up with known criminals.
Why ask your date to obtain one of our Safety/Security credentials? 
Think about all the research that we currently conduct when buying a vehicle.  Our due diligence in obtaining maintenance records, mileage and condition are driven by our desire to purchase a vehicle that is safe and therefore long lasting.  Well, we at XOXY feel that your health, your time and your safety are PRICELESS, don’t you agree?  Why not Date Smart from the Start and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of “Catfishing”, sexual violence (1 out every 3 women are sexually assaulted nationwide), dating crimes and contracting an STD (an STD is transmitted every 30 seconds).
How to ask a partner to obtain a XOXY credential?
In many ways, a XOXY credential acts as a litmus test to eliminate those dates who are not serious about honesty or a relationship.  XOXY is designed not to alienate anyone (which is why there are no lists of failed users or actual results) but can be used as a tool to reduce your risk of becoming a victim or investing your valuable time in a relationship with unintended consequences.   Results and personal information remain with our trusted partners, Quest Diagnostics, your licensed physician and CoventBridge.
Rather than ask your date if they are who they say they are, have felony convictions, sex offenses or an STD, simply tell your date;
“I feel we are ready for the next step in our relationship, before we meet I would like you to obtain a XOXY Safe Dating Background credential”. 
You can also utilize our Referral function within the application, it’s a lot easier than having an awkward conversation and simply counting on your date to tell the truth.
Let’s face it, unfortunately, no one really knows who they are dating. 

Why not Date Smart from the Start with XOXY- The World’s First Safe Dating Credential?



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