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Ughhh where to begin???? I've had weight issues for as long as i can remember. Ive had little moobs since i was a kid but I always thought that it was just because I was over weight. Back in 2002 When I left for college I lost 60lbs in 7months going from 250 to 190. I still had man boobs(for lack of better words) but I didn't worry as much because of my over all weight loss. My whole body shrunk I had gained a good amount of muscle so they were less of a worry. As I worked out more I could never get my chest right and eventually stopped working on it due to my lack of progress.... Fast forward a little bit since my initial weight loss I've fluctuated between 175lbs(at my lowest) and 215lbs(at the highest). In hindsight for the most part I was in pretty decent shape but I never felt like i was because of my protruding man breast. About 18months ago I started working out with a trainer and last year this time(summer) I was probably in the best shape of my life (I still thought I was fat at the time because of my chest). However last summer I had a death in my family and I turned to food from June 2012 til now I have gained 68lbs... For the last couple of months I have been mustering up the strength and motivation to get back on track. In march I bought a bike and started riding daily, I also stopped smoking about a month ago and yesterday I started working out with a trainer(which brings us here). Yesterday I took shirtless before pictures and it was quit the reality check, In general to see my overall weight gain I was definitely taken back but then also to see my chest specifically (I thought to myself that I actually have breast). So I started searching the internet and came across gynecomastia, as I read it described exactly what i was going through and have been going through for a long time. Ironically today I had a doctors appointment(just a check up) before I went I read a bunch of forums and watched a lot of youtube vids regarding the subject. I caught the doctor totally off guard by telling her that I'm pretty sure I have gynecomastia. Initially she said that it must be related to my weight gain but I told her that this was something that Ive been dealing with for a long time so she ordered some bloodwork for a couple of test. I don't have a follow up appointment with her until July but now that I'm aware of whats going on I want to be super proactive about fixing it. Here are a couple questions that I have their a little all over the place so Ill number them (1) my grandfather had the same thing(gyno)plus he was overweight and in the later part of his life he ad prostate cancer he started taking a shot for the cancer and his breast got pretty large so I guess my question is..... Is gyno hereditary? and is the size of the breast an indication of your testosterone and/or estrogen level? (2) Ive made an appointment with a palstic surgeon that Ive found online for later this week should I go or should I wait to hear the results from the doctor. (3) Are there any cases and/or reasons that insurance(medicaide) will pay for the procedure. (4)I can squeeze a white discharge from my right nipple from time to time...its not that often but like 3or4 time throughout the year. what is that about? (5) being that I just started working out again should I wait to lose weight before I do anything?

Those are just a few questions to start I'm sure Ill have many more I would really appreciate any feedback. I feel good to know that I'm not the only one going through this and that Its not just about weight and that there are things that I can do to fix the situation


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I have heard that Gynecomastia is not hereditary. Yet it seems to be the normal situation in my family so I respectfully disagree.

Low Testosterone might cause Gynecomastia, but so could a level of Testosterone that is abnormally high. Some Testosterone boosters can actually cause the condition.

Prostate problems are going to be a worry eventually. If you live long enough they are almost inevitable. Drugs used to treat prostate conditions often cause Gynecomastia. So do some medications for Acne and likewise medications to prevent balding. Even some medications for control of high blood pressure.

Obesity is a common cause. Not only is the breast area one of the first places where fat is deposited, It seems to be the last place where it is lost. To confound things even further, Fatty tissue actually acts like a gland in a way and converts Testosterone into Estrogen Grossly obese men often appear somewhat feminized as a result.
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