Author Topic: Recent gynecomastia procedure with Dr. Pensler  (Read 1598 times)

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I have had gynecomastia since I was 15 years old. My whole life I wanted to save up enough money to have the condition reversed. It has played a huge factor in limiting relationships I can have with the opposite sex. I always felt extremely embarrassed and was afraid to get close to anyone I had strong feelings for. Now I am 25 and have graduated college. I knew that it was finally time to have an operation, but of course I was very nervous about making such a huge life decision. I was worried about financing and scarring etc. I saw several plastic surgeons in the Chicago area, but as soon as I met with Dr. Pensler I knew he was the right choice.

   The doctor came into the office 1 hr before normal hours to meet with me. We talked in great detail and he also showed me tons of pre and post-op pics of other patients. I felt extremely comfortable around him...much different than I felt around any other doctor I met before. His qualifications were impeccable and he had a great demeanor. The staff and facilities were fantastic as well. I decided to go ahead with the operation and it was exactly as I had always dreamed. I finally understand the meaning of the phrase "surgical precision." Dr. Pensler is the best there is at the job. He seems like he genuinely cares about your level of happiness and makes himself available at all times for you to ask any questions before and after the procedure. I highly highly recommend Dr. Pensler to anyone who is interested in having this procedure. He is simply the best!


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Congratulations on your success story! Would you mind sharing any information about the total costs you had to incur, any financing options and if you have any pictures?

Also, how did it change your life? Have you started using the under armour garment (or something else)? Are there any scars? How is the pain?

I live around the Chicago area and feel it is finally time for me to get this done. I have lived all my life with this curse and would want to get rid of this. Any help from your side would be awesome!


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