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my people,

After almost 30 years of living with gyneco-monster, i have finally been slated for surgery - most likely to take place in the second week of coming November.

You know, now i keep waking up at night to think like,will i really look normal? will the monster come back?

But you know i really dont care. i really am looking forward to the first day ever in my life that i will go swimming - with my shirt off!

Pray for me. I will keep you posted.



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Congratulations dude!! Is always nice to read stuff like this... Every time that someone post something like this I just think of one thing...waking up in your house the day after surgery... starting a new day of your life without something that has taken at some point control of your life.... in my mind thats what is keeping me motivated to have surgery... It would be great if I also had surgery in November since my birthday falls on that month but I have to wait , my time will come.Keep us posted about your experience!!

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Congrats!   I have finally decided to take the big step also and have a consult scheduled for next tuesday the 16th of Oct....then i think i can get the surgery mid-Nov.  I want to have a few months to heal and then be ready for summertime and no shirt!
Who did you decide on to do the surgery?
Best of luck~


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