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Im 18 and i just went to the place to get it checked out..and well.. he said i do have it..but its not major..And thing is 2 me its soo major..(( i gett made funn of this problem all the time. so its major)) and he took pictures and he said he will send them to my insurance company to see if they will pay for it and he said he will say that he recommends this surgery to be done..but he said they might not except  and i would have to pay 6,000 for it..wich im willling to do..he did also say i will have to do a mammogram! wich i hear that hurts..and that girls go for this thing...i kno this is not much to respond to but please tell me what you think...

thank you.


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Hang in there, friend,  r not alone.  All of us have shed bitter tears.  I encourage surgery.

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Thanks for sharing your story! I'm curious about the fact that your PS took pics, and is sending to your insurance. Are you in the United States? I know that in the NHS in the UK provides financial assistance or coverage for gyne, but I have always been told that there are no options for sufferers in the states.
I am working very hard to find financial assistance to help with surgery.
Thanks! Keep your chin up!


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