Author Topic: gynecomastia:2-3 months after surgery  (Read 3212 times)

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hi guys... just saw this site and it was very interesting.. I'm Dave located in the philippines.

i undergone gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery (i think that was two months ago) from a very known hospital.  i had contacted so many plastic surgeons before i decided to have a surgery. i actually took in consideration the prices of the surgeons  and then i found one that is much affordable for me it actually cost me (45 thousand pesos). unfortunately i am not happy with the result, there are depressions under my nipples, my nipples are still puffy,and the worst part is my other breast is larger than the other one. according to the surgeon who operated me, the depression and the puffiness of my nipples will subside within/after 6 months.. i actually having post of check ups with my doctor every month to discuss the result of the surgery and my doctor advised me that i need to undergo another surgery (liposuction without excision) to reconstruct my chest and nipples. im quite scared because what if the result of the second surgery will not meet my expectations.. like the first surgery... guys i would like to hear your thoughts about his and i know that there are guys out there who undergone the same surgery like me.

please if u have suggestions reply on this message

i would also like to know this infos regarding your surgery:

surgeon's name:
clinic/hospital location:
contact number:
the amount you paid for the operation:

please help me on this.. im 21 years old and the 11 years of my life has been devastating, i already received and felt all the embarrassment life could ever give. thanks hoping for your reply/comments and suggestions


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did you have severe gyne? usually i heard people with severe gyne get this depression under nipple.. do u have pre-op/post-op pics?

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Bro, surgery is not something to pinch pennies on. You want quality over affordability 100%! You're talking about something you're going to have for the rest of your life.

If you do go for a revision surgery, pick a surgeon with a reputation over a discount, PLEASE.


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