Author Topic: Going to surgery during the following winter!!  (Read 1829 times)

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Hi everybody! It's been over six months from my last post here, but this is actually the first update on my gyne-status. (You can read my first post with pics here:,9326.msg66404.html#msg66404)

An hour ago I finally had a little chat with my surgeon about my upcoming operation. She confirmed that I had it, and without a doubt asked me what way i wanted my operation to be done. (There are two ways, I heard.. 1. With a slight cut around the nipple and 2. wit bigger cuts and bigger scars) I chose the first option, which she also recommended.

So I just wanted to update my current status. Next time i'll post some after pictures! I'm feeling sooooo great at the moment! This is like a dream come true, really! Next summer is going to be the first real summer for me in 12 years. I can already imagine myself lying on the beach WITHOUT a goddamn t-shirt, or better yet: I'm gonna be able to wear totally different kind of shirts without a f:n care in the world!

I hope for the best for all of you still struggling with your gyne including myself...for now ;)

Greetings from Finland also!

T: Scandinavian


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Where are u from bro? Also, goodluck! =)

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Thanks guys!

I'm From a huge north-european country called Finland. (for more info:


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