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Hey im 20 years old...and im a bit late in the sense that i dont have a full grown beared yet and i look like a kid. Anyways i have puffy nipples but is this really gyne. I talked ot my mom abt and she said my testorone level is low and it will become better after a few years. If it doesnt she said i can hav sugery. Anyways i will be going to the hormone specializt tommorrow and check if i need a boast for my hormones.  I weight 62 Kg and im musclar, i have a good upper chest and when i put a shirt on with an vest you cant see my gyne problem at all,whether i wear a white or a black shirt. I never had this problem until i was 17. Some ppl did comment abt it and i started hiding it. I thought i was the only person in the world with this problem and used to be really upset but this community made me feel so much better. My friends were very supportive as well. It all happend in 2003 when i became fat in a few months and started losing the weight, atleast thats what i believed or maybe its my testorone level. Anyways a few years back it was really bad as i had boobs and the nipple problem. I spend one whole year working,jogging,abbing and so on my boobs were gone,my nipples reduced in size, i ve been doing mass training and my chest is becoming bigger which is why you cant see my puffy nipple. Neways im doing great but i still have the puffy nipples, there is nothing under them as in like skin or something.

Q1 Do i really have gyne ?

Q2 Will it go away in a few years ?? or is it like a puberty thing ?

Q3 If it is gyne arent there sprays and lotions which burn the fat underneath the skin will those work ??

Please i just need these questions answered...

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I am glad you are here, as you know we can relate to your issues.

Without pictures it is hard for anyone on this forum to guess if you have gyne or not.
You have seen pictures of others on this site how do you compare?

It is good to get hormone levels checked but it seems unlikely that this is still a puberty thing.

I think that most people here don’t have any faith in lotions or creams to correct gynecomastia.

Sorry if this isn’t the news that you wanted but you are definitely not alone.

Again, Welcome!!
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Thanks man!! Thanks For the support...Nice to know there are people like you out there :D...

Yeah it was the hardest thing to tell my mom. How should i talk abt it. So i said mom "How much does a sugery cost ?" and asked her "If there was something wrong with me you would get it done from me ?" After that i told my mom abt how long i ve been hiding it. She was very supportive it feels much better that someone who loves you knows. I suggest everyone to do the same even if you dont get the reply that you want to hear be strong...

I hope its a puberty thing otherwise its gonna be difficult  but i lived with it for so long people started accepting me with the prob. I wonder what people used to do 30-40 years ago...i have exactly what "thejuice has" but they are a bit puffy...

Why dont the lotions work i ve seen a website that says guaranteed results...did anyone ever try it ?

Again thanks for your time and support :)

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Once the topic has been opened, further conversation becomes much easier.  You are fortunate to have an open dialog with a supportive parent.

The various "Guarantees" on the topical salves etc. are so full of qualifiers that they mean nothing.  I read one "Money Back Guarantee"  that said you could get your money back if not satisfied in two weeks.  further on, It said that you would have to use the product for three months to have any effect.  What a crude joke!

For me, Puberty lasted a very long time. It sounds like you may be in the same boat.  Your referral to the Endocrinologist should have produced some information by this time, How are things going?

By the way, There are so many of us with Gynecomastia that in statistical terms, You are normal!
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The way i feel about it is that these years of your life (younger ones where your body is of far more importance) are years you dont want to spend with Gyne if you dont have to.  My dad repeatedly told me i shouldnt have the surgery and should wait for a few years to see if it 'goes away', but in the end i decided i didnt want to wait, i didnt want to go through all of high school and beyond with Gyne when i had the choice not to.  Because althoguh waiting a few years would have been easy to do, i could not revert back and go the other route had my dad been wrong, and all he would say would be 'oh sorry' becasue its not something hes living with.  As its your body you should go ahead with the surgery if you want it, and not just follow what your mom says.  If you want to wait, then wait, if you dont want to then dont, just make sure its your decision and not your moms.  If your starting to hide it as you said, then it is effecting your life in a negative manner, so weigh out the costvs.benefit of getting the surgery or not.  And yes there are 'transdermal fat burners' out there, dont bother, thermogenic fat burners work for overall body fat, but transdermal fat burners are a joke.


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