Author Topic: Puffy nipples, 27yrs old  (Read 1108 times)

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I'm 27 yrs old now, I have had puffy nips since I was about 12 yrs old. I have to say from looking at  some of these pics I had it pretty bad. My nipples protruded about an inch. I had a flat chest, just my nipples protruded. I always had to hide it, I never told my parents, all my friends figured something was wrong because I never took my shirt off to go swimming. They assumed I had three nipples or something lol. Really i was so self conscious and missed out on a lot because of my nips. I have had three surgerys... They did an excision right under my nipple two times and twice it was still puffy after surgery, the surerys were a year apart, even though it did decrease in size a little I was not satisfied...not giving up I scheduled a 3rd surgery just a week ago and I am satisfied. My nipples are flat for the first time it seems like my whole life...looking forward to summer... Can't wait!



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