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I am about to start a press campaign for Demystifying Gynecomastia. My publicist has asked if there are men that are willing to be interviewed for the press releases. Your names do not have to be used. It is about telling your story. Eric is easy to work with and it can be a good experience.

Let me know if you are interested in knowing more.


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I don't think you'll have lot's of people jumping in to get interviewed about their Gyno problem, but send me sum info.  

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I wouldn't mind answering some questions.. As long as it's written and i won't have to show anything to a camera  ;D

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It might help to educate parents also.  I wasn't aware of this condition till my son told me he had it.  It was when he was 19.  He had known for a while.  If I had known, I would have tried to help sooner. Or at the very least be more understanding of his moods and isolation.  One of the things I have seen on this board is that some of these guys have parents that are totally in denial or don't want to help.  (either with the operation or just plain being supportive)  I also get real ticked off at some of the tv shows making jokes about it.  It is not funny.
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make sure you investigate periodicals for high school counselors or coaches when you get to marketing.  i bet there are such things, and they seem like the people who would most need to know.  
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I would also be willing to supply, but only by e-mail. I'm afraid I don't trust journalist types, who often get, shall we say, 'over-ambitious' and use their imagination to misrepresent interviewees and fail to respect personal privacy.

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Yeah - if it's not too late, I wouldn't mind helping out either.
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