Author Topic: prolactin gyno for 2 and a half years surgery didnt help much  (Read 1105 times)

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hello everyone this is my first post here(i just found this site)and i wish to share my story about gyno and maybe get some gyno started on august 2011 after taking steroids for only 5 days.i went to an endocrinologist and after taking some tests he said that my prolactin level was slightly raised but instead of giving me  letro or caber he gave me testoviron even though my testosterone level was normal.i took it for about a week and it made it worse,oh when the symptoms first started i was taking some nolvadex but since it was prolactin gyno(didnt know it at the time)it didnt help, anyway on april 2012 i decided to have surgery although the soreness and itchiness were still there.the doc removed the glands but i didnt see any difference.i have an appointment next week with a mastologist to see if he can help,also i'm thinking about getting some caber(dostinex) not to reverse it but maybe ease the pain and the itchiness.if anyone can help please do cause i cant go through another summer without going to the beach and wearing 3 shirts



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