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- My Story.
 I went to a breast cancer surgeon. I turned a minor case of a puffy nipple into a obvious case of puffy nipple being operated on. I had the most neglectful, rushed incision with horizontal extensions onto the chest wall. My chest contour is not right now and I am very unhappy. I did nothing but swap issues and make things much worse. I didn't want perfection but I wanted something that looked good not "not that bad". I should have went to a plastic surgeon. Go to a plastic surgeon for this procedure! Now I'm stuck with something I dislike far more than what I had before. Considering my life revolved around bodybuilding it makes things even worse because I am far more critical of my body image. I look in the mirror now with disgust and regret and am still very pissed off at the surgeon even though it was my mistake for going to a shitty surgeon who does not give a shit about how I look after the operation.
- Full of regret. I rather have lived with gyno the rest of my life. My Story.



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