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My whole life I had a sever case of gynecomastia. I always thought it was due to me being overweight (330 and 6'3). While I'm sure some of the fatty tissue was because of my weight, about four months ago a doctor came and talked to me about it.

I'm a twenty year old college student and back in February I came down with meningitis.  I was in the hospital for a week and an endocrinoligist came and talked to me about the breast. I had about a C cup in both breasts with breast tissue as well as extended aeriolas.  They've never lactated. He got the process rolling and referred me to a plastic surgeon.

Needless to say I was scared, but excited that this may be correctible.  They were always embarassing for me. I'm on the rugby team and receive constant rubbing for having them. Growing up was difficult and I've always been extremely self conscious. Speaking with the surgeon, I grew more and more confident and happy at the change that he could bring.

Due to the severity, normal liposuction under the nipple wasn't possible. He said that I'd basically receive a masectomy and have new nipples grafted in place.  Underneath the nipples would be two scars running from my armpits to my sternum. So I'd be exchanging breasts for scars.

I never considered not doing the surgery and came back the next day willing to do it.  Well, last Tuesday I had the operation and it's been such a fantastic change.

The surgery was very intensive and a bit frightening. He performed liposuction underneath my arpit to remove some fatty folds and also performed the surgery on my breasts.  After removing the breast and fatty tissue, he then snipped off the excess skin and sewed the bottom and top portions up.  It took about four hours in total and I was out cold the whole time.

I remember waking up and the nurse saying she was giving me some morphine. I gave her the thumbs up and begged for some ice chips to wet my incredibly dry throat. That was my biggest concern at the moment because I didn't feel any pain at the time. The rest of the night was spent in the hospital, where I finally realized what a drastic change it was.

No longer do I have breasts sticking out and I can now see what a big belly I have! The wounds are still pretty raw, but the healing has gone great. My bandages were removed today and I the scars are pretty massive. In addition to that, my nipples are incredibly raw and puffy. It will take about three months for the swelling to die down. In a year the scars should start to fade.  

This one week has given me so much more hope and optimism. Just walking around with a shirt on I feel so much more confident and self assured. I walk with my back straight and I'm not embarassed to be seen in public.  I'm still sore, but I have pain killers to help out with that.  I really can't get over the happiness that I now feel. It feels great to wear shirts and fit in like a normal guy. I went out and bought some nice dress shirts to celebrate. I can't wait to wear them.   I'm looking forward to swimming and going to the beach. Trying to get a girlfriend is now a believable goal of mine.

Blue Cross Blue Shield didn't cover it, but I'm appealing.  My doctor gave me a massive discount of the $9,000 bill, to about $4,000. My surgeon and endocrinoligist expects the insurance company to cover it after an appeal.

This has been the best thing in my life and I'm really motivated to losing weight. This site has given me so much info, so I thought I'd add in my story to the mix.  

Feel free to ask me any questions and I might post before/after pics if there is any interest.

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congrats man.


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