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Hello, I had surgery 5 weeks ago.  My doc did lipo and an incision around the nipples with dissolvable stitches.  Since the tape was taken off about 2 weeks ago, I'm noticing puckering around my nipples and on one side a crease.  Is this normal?  I was categorized as severe and had a lot taken out.  I'm hoping this puckering is just part of the healing process.    

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You are in the very active phase of healing.  There is always some swelling (which may differ from one side to the other), formation of scar tissue, etc at this time frame.

Best to sit back and relax for there is really nothing that can be done at this point.  You can return to your surgeon to voice your concerns -- but I am sure he will say the same thing.

It will take up to six months or more before you can fully assess the results of the surgery.  In the meantime, follow your surgeon's instructions and chill out.

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