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Gynecomastia has ruined my life,
Sometimes I want to cut my breasts with a knife.

I ask God, Why? Why?,
There are times when I just want to die.

I walk with a poor posture so I also suffer from back pain,
I can’t even think about girls since I wouldn’t know how to explain.

Gynecomastia has so much influence on my life, it is pathetic,
And yet the insurance won’t pay for it since it is considered cosmetic.

I can’t tell my parents, since I don’t have the courage,
Sometimes, I am overtaken by rage.

Gynecomastia is just devastating, and it may seem funny to you,
But the only the person who is suffering from it, know what he is going through.

Sometimes I look back at life, and get a feeling of dismay,
when I  think about all the years that gyne has taken away.


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Nice poem. I think we can all relate.

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*waves at carguy*

i second that.  verse four was good for a sad laugh too.  
* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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