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i am 22 years old and i was taking androstene to help get bigger. After i stopped taking it i started to develop hard balls under my nipples. They do not cover the whole nipple moslty just the upper portion. when i squeeze them liquid some out.What the hell is this. My left pec is much bigger than my right.y???Any info, would be appreciated.


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Hello camaro55

There is no way anyone can give you any kind of diagnosis on here, no matter how good your description of your symptoms.  Even if a medic on here was available, ethics would forbid them from giving any kind of diagnosis as they would then be entering into a patient/doctor relationship and technically have a duty of care over you!

What you describe may or may not be as a result of taking the drugs you describe.  Although I am not familiar with testosterone based drugs causing a discharge.  Is it an infection?

Whatever it is, you do need to get checked out by your doctor.  He or she can is best suited to help sort this out for you.

Best wishes.


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