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First I want to say that I have browsed this site for a few years and I've done everything but get the surgery. I just want to take a moment to say that the site looks awesome, well done Dr. Delgado!

Well, Ive had my Gynecomastia since I was about 10. I played football in high school, and it reduced but didn't go away completely. I stopped playing ball, and it came back bigger then before. It really is so bad that I have worn womens training bra's to flatten my chest during events like prom, and graduation. I've endured years of torture, avoiding beaches, parties, events, relationships, all the fun stuff kids my age are supposed to enjoy, I have skipped out on because of my embarrassment. I'm sick of missing out on life. I have completed the Police Academy in my home state, and I don't even want to pursue my career further because of this condition. It feels uncomfortable underneath a vest.

I went to a plastic surgeon about four months ago, and we discussed my options. the total for the surgery was $5700. i simply can not afford it. I am soon to be a college student, and cant afford it. The plastic surgeon sent my case to my insurance and, surprise, they denied it. I dropped it at that and went home sulking. I honestly do believe my case is unique. I have one of the biggest chests I've seen on the site. I do have a bigger midsection as well, but when I lost my mid-section a year ago, the chest stayed. I became depressed and stopped working out and the midsection came back, and the chest got bigger.

Is there anyone that can help me? How bad is my case? what are your recommendations? I'm interested in hearing from all 3 featured doctors but more so Dr. Silverman, because I am staying in the city of Boston with family for the next 2 weeks while doing an internship with the DA.

I have posted a photo I took today.



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First of all, welcome to the group, you are with friends here with the same problem! Yes you do have a bigger chest then some of the NEW posters, but don't feel totally down and out, there are a lot of us that will beat you in a "wet t-shirt" contest! Now that was meant to get a smile out of you, you know! Just go to my pictures in "my story after all these years" and you will see what I am saying, as I'm one that will.

I know what you are saying about the vest, however, I will tell you that it isn't the boobs that make the vest uncomfortable, that bullet proof vest is just uncomfortable boobs or no boobs! They do work well for hiding the boobs though!

You can try to have a doctor try again with the insurance carrier. Sometimes if it is coded differently it will be payed, but I don't know the ins and outs about that. a doctor that does gyne as part of his/her regular practice may be able to help you with this.

good luck,

Bob aka Hammer

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You do have gynecomastia and are significantly overweight.  If you came into my office, I would not be able to offer surgery to you at this time.  You need to lose a large amount of weight first.

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