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My name is James and i am 14 years old. i have had puffy nipples with some hard substance under my nipples for almost 2 years and its embarsing. I have to wear two shirts and can never take my shirt off. My nipples turn normal when im getting in the shower for instance why is this? i will show a pictture soon. how long do i have to wait :-[


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Dude, as your body is still undergoing pubescent hormonal changes, you should wait until you have finished going through puberty to see if the condition resolves itself.

"My nipples turn normal"....   You shouldn't look at your 'puffy' areolas as less than normal. Your body is what it is. What you are referring to when you are in the shower is the 'ideal', not the 'norm'. Each and every one of us is unique in our own way. Dude, you are who you are. That is normal!

With that said, everyone here on this Site understands what you are going through. Yes, it's tough being a teen with Gynecomastia, but you've just gotta wait it out. If you still have 'puffies' by 18 or so, get checked out by an Endocrinonlogist and consult a Plastic Surgeon....

All the Best my man!

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Hi James,
As you are 14, i would say it is due to puberty just Gramps did. Most boys your age will be going through the same thing......Just type in Male puberty into google and read up on it :) . If it is still there when you are 18-19 , then worry...but not yet mate :).

Stop wearing two shirts, its a Nasty habit to break :) .


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