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 :) :) :) :) :) :) :)   ;D  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

My story:     Age: 32
Name has been Changed to protect the Innocent
 (Emil was a buddy of mine when I was young.)

Well it all started in fifth grade when I was in Palm Springs for Spring Break with my family.  I had been wolfing down numerous desserts at the buffet.  All of a sudden my chest got a little sore and the size of my areola increased and actually became "puffy."  I dealt with it pretty well considering.
      I grew up in northern California and started surfing when I got my Drivers License.  Hands down the best sport there is.  The only bummer was having to change everyday in the parking lot with my little girl boobies.
If it was chilly- no worries as my nips weren't all puffy and nasty.  I used to give them a good pinch at times to ensure they would be hard.  Went to college and had a great time.  I had no problems getting girls, but  I was always uncomfortable with my shirt off.  For example,  I made sure to miss the old fraternity  Houseboat trips to the Lakes with all the sorority chicks.      
I began dating this one girl,  and I clearly remember her saying " if you could have Plastic Surgery on any part of Your Body what it would it Be?"  I said "I guess my chest,"  She said," there isn't any way you can change it."  I was pissed at her for saying this but I felt  whatever it was the card I was dealt.
 After college,  I started swimming laps like an animal.  Typically 3 or 4 days a week for an hour non stop.  My chest lost a little of the fat, especially under the nipple area. Still had the boobs and felt that I needed to keep on working on it.
I moved to San Diego when I was 29. Talk about a fitness crazed place.  The weather is always pretty nice and it is not uncommon to see guys going shirtless in january.  I surf at least 4 days a week and it was always annoying to suit up in my wetsuit, making sure to zip up at my car. I still wasn't self-concious if the nips were hard, but if they were soft I felt like the whole world was staring at me.
  I never had a problem wearing a t shirt  but I would only go shirtless at the beach (if it wasn't crowded :))  I began hitting the weights and running but the boobies just didn't seem to disappear.  
  I than "Googled" b*tch t*ts and I found this site about a year ago. I learned that there was no way to lose it.   I put the idea on the back burner for a while.      
Last summer a friend and I went down to Baja Mexico to go surfing and shoot some video.  He made an awesome dvd of me catching some great waves.  But the night before we left we got all wasted and we were rocking out to some music with just shorts on.  He put this section on at the end of the video.  Of course, the boobies were ever present.  Whatever, I thought.  
Well this last Christmas,  He had a huge party with tons of hot chicks and he decides to play the video. I tried to shut it off before the end but the MOFo insisted that it stay on.  He must of played it 5 times.  Humiliating to say the least.                

That leads up to THe Call......................
    I contacted  Dr. Joy in Long Beach and had the first appointment 3 weeks ago.  I had read "SIlverado's" diary and it seemed as if she was a good surgeon. I had heard a lot about sanders but didn't want to do the extra driving through Hell A  (LA.)   I also didn't want to wait a few months.

I am 2 days post up and I am so stoked it is fricken ridiculous.   ;D ;D ;D ;D    Two hours ago, I had the drains removed and it was the first time I saw my chest.  I was nervous to look to say the least, because of the cost and I didn't want to go through with this ordeal again.

My chest is completly flat,  there isn't a bruise, and I couldn't be happier.  I almost think of her like a genie.  I remember laying on the operating table and the anthesiologist put the neele in the IV and before I knew it the ceiling became all warped. The next thing, the nurse woke me up and It was all through.  

For the last 2o years if someone granted me 3 wishes-  

1. I would have wished for the boobs to be gone
2.  To make really sure the boobs were gone.
3.  World peace or some other hippy thing
   Something I didn't realize though was how crappy I would feel for the first 36 hours after the op.  I was unsure of how it turned out and I was kind of regretting the decision.  How did it turn out?  What if it looks worse than before?  I also was a touch skeptical because I kept reading how there are some docs who do over  a hundred a year,  yada da yada da yada da..
Where Doctor Joy does maybe 5-10 a year. She deserves major props.

Now,  I need to work on the gut.  The natural way, strap on the running shoes and go nuts.

I got a tad teary eyed on the way home, as I literally felt like a new person, the damn weight had been lifted.  

I would recommend this procedure if it consumes you.   Find a good surgeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post before and after pics soon.

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OHHH YEaaaaaahhhh Baby.

Great post brother.  I have my surgery on July 13th and I can't wait.  I'm always happy to read a success story and yours sure as hell sounds like one.  Post them pics soon;  that will help your other gyne brothers.

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I am stoked for you.   You will be one happy camper in no time.


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Good stuff mate. Life post op is sweet  :D :D :D

Welcome to the other side!


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Just posted some before and after shots.  
I will post some later when the swellling goes down.

Take Care;action=display;num=1118856138

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Wow, looks great!  I'm sure your happy!  My surgery is next week (the 15th!) and I can't wait!!  I'll be sure to post my story when i'm pre-op, cause i'll have lots of time sitting around all day healing  :)

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Hey Jskb    

Thanks,   Good luck with the surgery.  I am sure you will be happy with your results. Be sure to rent lots of movies during all the downtime

I have been dying to go to the beach shirtless but I am letting scars heal a little more first.  I have seen some pics of people shortly after their op go and get sunburnt, basically just worsening the scars.

I am also itching to go surf but the doc says "no upper body excercise til 6 weeks.  Almost there.
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very nice story m8 (bcs of the good ending :))

For the last 2o years if someone granted me 3 wishes-  
3.  World peace or some other hippy thing

hahahaha ;D

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