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Hello Friends.
Im 30, and live in the UK.
My doctors have diagnosed me with Unilateral Gynecomastia.

Around 8 years ago, All of a sudden one day I noticed I had a very tender left hand side(heart side) nipple. At the time I remember pressing it and feeling it, concluding it was definately bigger than the other side and even there was a definite lump hard mass underneath it.

At the time being about 22-23, and evidently not the hypochondriac I am nowadays I went straight to the doctor (different surgery to where I live now). Who simply said, its "normal" leave it alone and it will go away. Reassured I did as the doctor ordered, and it did indeed go away. Although I cant remember how long it took I dont think it was more than a month or so)

End of July this year, Same thing occurred, same side sensitve nipple causing me to poke it etc, realised there was again a lump underneath the nipple. On closer inspection (I didnt do this last time). I can conclude its like a hard rubbery ring under the nipple. It almost lines up directly under the nipple and its inner diameter matches the outer diameter of my nipple. If I poke it (the ring) I can move it around etc (its mobile with the breast flesh) The flesh above it is softer and slightly more plentiful than the other side causing (when I look down onto my chest) this side looks 'pointed' and the other side to looks flat.

So, Start of august I marched off to the doctors who initially this time were not as reassuring as the doctor I had seen 8 years ago at a different surgery. Instead of 'leave it alone it will go away' I was asked all the frightening questions..

"Any swelling under arm?" - NO
"Any swelling from glands near collar bone" - NO
"Any Discharge from nipple?" - NO
"Any change in breast skin?" - NO

"come back in four weeks". Which this time caused me to search the internet which convinced me it was breast cancer and that I was definitely going to die :-D

Rocked back in after four weeks, with no change in symptoms other than my head convinced i was dying. this time saw a different less militant doctor (older and more experienced) who described it as a 'just a breast bud' or gynecomastia. She said is likely to be caused by my weight and that although its more common to occur in both sides at the same time she said its also common for it to effect just one side.

She performed a full set of blood tests just to be sure (hormones, thyroid, testosterone, full blood counts are the ones I can remember). anyway, they all come back perfectly normal. So she said based on this and her physical examination she advised me to go home and stop worrying about it being cancer and it will go away in its own time. and to stop poking it touching it, etc im just aggravating it.. (so much so there are noticably less chest hairs on this side!! ive rubbed them all off!!!)

So, for the sake of your patience Il shorten slightly but since then my paranoia has taken me to the doctors a further 2 times (most recent last week) seen different doctors each time. All of them telling me down worry about it it will go away... "try and loose some weight"

I am overweight, I weigh 16stone and am 5ft 10 so Ive starting jogging etc in a bid to loose some weight.

The other thing worth noting, is since I can remember certainly since my teens, this side the nipple is ALWAYS errect, its never goes down, whereas my other side is normal and is stimulated by change in temperature etc as you would expect.

So In conclustion, I have a hard rubbery disc shape under my heart-side nipple that appears to have turned up since July this year (now 3 months)(although I cant be certain its not been there longer and I havent noticed it) I have no nipple discharge, I have no lumps either arm pit or collar bone, the skin is all normal. The only thing that bothers me is that when I move about I can "feel it" bobbling around, I "feel it" on my clothes. but its size or the symptoms havent changed in three months. Dont get me wrong, I havent uploaded a picture because I think ive got it easier than lots of you on here its certainly not big enough to "notice" under a t-shirt other than my erect nipple which ive lived with for years anyway.

So.. whats the consensus? sound all normal? if I loose weight will the rubber ring disappear? or will it just be further emphasized with less fat surrounding it camouflaging it!!!


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I dunno what would happen, I think loosing weight will be good in the long-run & help with any worries you have about your body or your life, since exercise is known to lift mood.

If you are uncomfortable running I would suggest walking. Because the weather sucks so bad here in the UK, if I need exercise & I don't want to run because of the rain I go for a walk around the park with a rucksack (with weights inside) & listen to the radio on my phone.

Its a great way to clear your head & loose some weight.

Its sounds like some sort of gyne maybe but if its not noticable under a t-shirt then thats cool.

I recon you should shift some weight, build your confidence & re-assess how you feel. Start today !

GL :)


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