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About six months ago, I told my parents about my gynecomastia, and they said they would get me the surgery.  Since they had promised to get me the surgery before this school year started. I started to lose weight in the few months ahead to prepare for the surgery.  But, school started and no surgery had been performed.  Because of this, I have started to gain weight again because to me it seems like they will not do the surgery.  I am not going to go out and run and have to hold my shirt out and look like a weirdo in front of everybody.  I do not know what to do and have been contemplating suicide for over a year because of the gynecomastia.  Lately, I have decided not to pull through with suicide and been able to keep the thoughts of suicide out of my mind, but, I am not going to keep going on if the surgery is not performed.  My parents have made false promises and I don't know it I can still trust them.  Also, I will still have to go back to losing weight and that will take a few months if they decide to the surgery.


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So they offered to help and you let the issue die. now you blame them and you are blaming them for your recent weight gain as well.

Lets go back to square 1.

They offerend to help. Your move, what did you do? Nothing? You should have said something like: "The first thing I need to do is see a Doctor and get a referral." Then you should have followed up and made sure the appointment was made and kept.

Each time the ball is back in your court you need to do something. If you simply sit on your hands, nothing will ever happen and it is not your parents who are to blame but you.

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