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my nipples are sensitive and are a part of my sex life so what happends to the sensitivity after surgery . i have heard that some have lost or feel very little so is it worth it to have surgery and loose it . thanks


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Basically, it's the same for me.  Mine are very sensitive and my girlfriend likes to do things with them.  ;)

I still haven't had surgery yet, though I plan to at some point.  After all I've been through, I think it would be worth it.  Then again, I haven't experienced the aftermath of surgery yet, so I cannot give you a straight answer.  But I can say confidently that I would trade part of my sexuality for the ability to go to the beach with a shirt off any day.  Besides, there are plenty of other places for your gf/bf to stimulate your senses.  ;)

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I've had 2 op's and since them know one can touch my nipples except me, they are far too sensitive in certain area's because of the scar tissue, if they're a bug part of your sex life then i would re think surgery. I've had occasions of being in unbearable pain from the smallest bite  :(


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