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Hi everyone,
Throughout my teenage years and most up to this point (33), I had severe gynecomastia until I found this site and chose to meet with Dr. Delgado.   I say it's severe because I've seen all the pics and compared myself to these.  I had breast that hung over and at the same time, I enjoyed exercising but by having large breast, I would feel uncomfortable at the gym.  Other areas that my body affected me was my constant slouching which created spine problems and also not feeling comfortable with myself enough to do things with friends and family.  It really destroyed my confidence in many areas and psychologically kept me from living a normal life.  I think I read a post that said it was a "curse" and yes, it felt this way.  I would sometimes look at overweight men  in a t-shirt and think to myself, "You're lucky you can wear a t-shirt."  I would often wear clothes too warm for the occasion and constantly found myself in jackets, hooded sweaters, and very thick dress shirts.  Even as I socialized well through high school and college, you can imagine trying to hide this from friends and girls.  I won't go into depth on this because most of you know what this consist of and I think all the posts have covered this.  But I will say that speaking in front of people (presentations) was the worse for me.  

So, about one year and a half ago I went through surgery with Dr. Delgado.   My surgery was longer than the normal and I forget exactly how much time I was in for (4 hours i think).  Most patients take much less time than this (2 hrs) from what I hear but I new I had an extreme case as the doctor mentioned.  Because of my case, the goal was to be able to get this fixed enough so that I could wear a t-shirt.  

When I came out of surgery I had small stitches around my nipple area and two tubes with a little plastic suction cup that came out near my sides (rib area).  With one tube on each side, they collected clear fluids my breast area released after surgery and fell into a suction bulb.  This was normal since I had liposuction which breaks blood vessels and releases these fluids.  These containers were with me for about two weeks and I think this was the worst part of it all.  It didn't hurt but just something you had to carry around an think about.   I also had to wear a vest for a few months.  The vest helped put pressure on my chest to make its new formation.

After my surgery I saw a boy on MTV similar to my case who went through surgery.  I forget what the show was called but it was sort of like a documentary on his life and what it was like to live with gynecomastia.  In comparison, I really feel that if it wasn't for the right Dr., I could have ended up with major scarring.  I think the Dr. Delgado did a great job and now I can wear a t-shirt without having to think about it.  I think my chest turned out great and I'm glad I researched other Dr.'s but went with him as he showed to have the most experience given that he had large photo album of pre and post clients. I sensed that he was a regular at this and since my situation was severe, I felt that I should go with someone who specialized in this area.  I just went for a run this morning in a t-shirt!  As I lose more weight and my chest settles, I would like to get some of the skin tightened around my chest area.  I will let you know when this happens and how it turns out.

With the help of my wife, it was tough hiding all this from my family and friends.  I was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know.  Now people just think I lost weight because I hid it so well throughout the years with tight tank tops and choosing clothes that would hide my problem.  My life has drastically changed and when I wake up in the morning I don't have to think about my chest and what I need to wear in order to cover my problem.  Shopping has been much easier.  But most importantly, life has been much easier.

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Welcome to!  And congrats on your successful surgery. 


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