Author Topic: NHS treatment or not????  (Read 1131 times)

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Hi All
I've just joined this forum to discuss with you guys your experiences with treatment on the NHS.
Does it exist? Am I wasting my time?
I've been to see my GP who is genuinely very sympathetic with me. He's made some enquiries and last week returned a mail saying........
The NHS no longer funds gynecomastia surgery. Although in exceptional cases it will only if certain criteria are met!!! I must prove and stay below a 25 BMI for at least a year and have my doctors surgery do regular 3 monthly checks. After this year they MAY start to consider me!
I'm wasting my time aren't I?
Any experiences and opinions welcome.


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I've been involved in this process over a few year, I got given tamoxifen last year with no effect, I don't have massive breasts but pointy and noticeable, I'm having final bloods taken this week, if all goes well I have been told to make the decision if I want the surgery in January.

Help is available on the NHS. I have pain in my left side so a breast surgeon can give the to ahead, but I've also been offered a plastic surgeon which I'm told May be rejected.

I'd love to hear some stories to put my mind at ease, the thought terrifies me,


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