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Okay I finally manned up and decided to register.
I think I have gyne. I've always been a big kid all through out elementary school and High School. Im 17 and a senior in HS.
I originally heard about gyne from my parents and the said we would go see a doc. doc said i had bigger than normal breasts, then we did a hormone check and he said my estrogen levels were a teeny eeny bit higher than usual. so i decided not to get surgery and i just sorta left the idea. i still am very self concious. I play football and wrestled. i am about 6'3" and now i weigh about 260. I am a pretty athetic kid and alot of people say my body is deceiving. I just dislocated my elbow so i havent been able to do much upper body lifting... but i cannot lose that much weight (even though i know im overweight) since i have to stay around 260 for football in college. thats another reason i dont want surgery, it would just delay how long i could lift for. and i dont want to have any scar tissue due to the fact im gonna be in a locker room for another 4 years. its bothered me for a long time and its affected my posture and what i wear in public. i dunno whether i should go ahead and lose alot of weight and see if that helps or if i should just do surgery. i am also considering some of the drugs that valleyboy is using from okay the rant ends here. thanks for having a great forum. please leave any advice.


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Welcome Broh!

Thanks for sharing your story.

If you decide to have surgery, you can most likely start lifting again at about week 3 Post-Op. Don't worry about scars. They are minimal and hardly noticeable. If people do notice your scars, then they are looking too closely at you and have a major problem.  :P

Do you have any pics that you could post?

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Well, you can keep you weight at 260 and just make some of the fat into muscle!  :) But it sounds like you have been working on that for a while.

From what others said, it sounds like you can start lifting in three weeks. I would assume you could afford to take that much time off your lifting routine.  

Don't worry about scars...they probably will be minimal...and if they aren't, just make up some lie to explain them--say you were burned there in a fire, had to have reconstructive stabbed there by a crazy exgirlfriend while you were sleeping...whatever. But as the above poster said...if they are looking at you that closely in the shower, they have problems.

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yeah scars > boobs  ;D
Please, Jesus, make my gyne go away!


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