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Hey guys,
First off, I want to say how glad I am I finally found these forums. I always thought I was alone in my problem.

        I've been suffering from gyne since I was about 12. At first, I just thought it was some extra fat that would go away soon. However, middle school ends and now, at 16 in my high school, the problem is still here. My friends dont ever bring up the subject, and for that I feel lucky. But, ever since I started high school, I feel left out of so many activities. I can never enjoy a day at the beach, I cant go swimming in a pool, and I feel so self conscious. There are some kids in my school and grab my man boobs and I really hate it. I feel that I can never have a girlfriend because of them. Im actually jealous of the guys on here that just have puffy nipples, because my moobs are huge.
        Im 5'6" and around 200lbs. I used to weigh less, but I thought maybe by gaining weight I could make the gyne appear "normal". It certainly didnt help, and my moobs got even bigger. When my doctor performed blood tests, he said that they were "normal" and I had no hormonal reason for it, and told me it must thus be pseudo. Also, when I grab them, it feels like fat, not very firm.However, is a blood test the only indicator of whether it is pseudo or not? I would say my moobs are around a C size.
       Any thoughts guys?
Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the boards dude!  :)

Five foot, six @ 200 lbs... You need to get down to about 130-140 and see how they are at that weight. You say you weighed less than 200 lbs. with gyne. How much less? If you get get very thin and your gyne remains then you can tell yer doc that it's not pseudo gyne. At one time I got myself down to a 'rail-thin' 148 lbs. @ 6 feet in an effort to rid myself of my m(o)(o)bs. Sure, they got smaller, but they still were very much a presence.   :-\

Get some weight off and wait a year or two for the puberty thing to run its course.

Post some pics...

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