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hey guys, this is my story for what its worth. also id like to say thanks to you guys for sharing yours, changed my life aready.

im 22 years old from australia, 5'10, 80kgs... i'll be mumbling on now  :)

i just found this site last night and for the past 2 days ive been reading for hours. ive had this gyne thingy since i was 11 or 12 before pubity anyway.

ive learnt so many different techniques for hiding, none more effective than lifting weights. i started lifting weights when i was 15 and got very good results targeting my arms and shoulders. i developed large shoulders and would kind of flex them out and forwardish to hide the gyne. anyway so i had these muscluar arms which made people assume that my moobs were muscular "pecs" because of the rest of my physique  :)

so from 12 years old till now 21 ive been hiding this crap but after finding this site im going to see my GP and get refered to a good surgen hopefully. even though i havent even seen my GP yet im so content after reading this site that my moobs will one day soon be gone to the degree that they are at now.

im tired of having to wear two shirts, stimulate my nipples, flex my shoulders and hope the wind isnt head on.

anyway guys thanks for reading, i'll post some pics later and let you know what happens next  :)


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oh my God. it never ceases to amaze me how many of us share the same stories. i went through the same road as you, started lifting weights when i was 17.. and people just thought that my gynecomastia case were just pecs.

but it's good to see that now you're aware of the whole deal. we can go our whole lives hiding it.. but finally it just feels like you're living a lie..

i remember people used to have an impression that i had these crazy pecs (as they looked pretty good with a shirt on) and that used to just kill me.

surgery is a great solution.
wish you the level best, and i want you to know that you have the undenying support of everybody else on this forum.

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Moobhider I have almost the same story, and only found this site yesterday. My case I think isn't severe so I dont know how Ill go but will go see the doc in about two weeks time. I guess knowing there are other people that have this helps deal with it that your not alone and also have somewhere to come get info. Hopefully I can rid myself of this soon, either trying the 'medication' if it works or the other option.

Hopefully my doctor knows about it and is sincere.


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Same here, I started weight lifting when I was 14.  :)

Although I have to disagree, I love cold windy days. The coldness stimulates my nipple area and makes it so that I can even go shirtless and not give a second thought about the fools surrounding me. I can actually show off my chest even, and it just looks like pure muscle.   8)

A hot and humid day though with no wind?  :'( Good god, it's as though I have full blown breasts in that weather.
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Yah, I hated the wind. I just look back sometimes to when I was about 9 years old. I had a clear face, good looking, no gyne, no excess body fat and I hadn't a care in the world. I loved life and was always ready for an adventure. But, then at 10 acne and gyne hit, also minor scoliosis, a little chunkiness, and I had to slowly but surely beat most of these. I am still working on the scoliosis but, I will straighting it out a bit. And tomorrow the gyne will go. The acne is gone and just a little more bodyfat loss to go. I am nearing my final goal. Then maybe I won't hear any crappy comments again and things will be like they were back in the care free days.


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