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Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading, After years of torment and suffering I decided to get Surgery for my Gynecomastia.

I'm a 29 year old male approx 5'11" and weight 174 lbs I have a low body fat percentage of around 11% and I’m in good physical shape. I suffer from mild Gynecomastia having large puffy protruding nipples not actual women shaped breasts in some severe cases but none the less I still have to wear 3 t-shirts and very conscious all the time about my problem. I chose a surgeon that was recommended to me by my GP as I was unable to get this done on the NHS the cost was £4200GBP (although it p*sses me off they look after junkies and crack addicts free of charge!)anyways- I thought it was a small price to pay to get my life and confidence back!

At the time the surgeon explained he would need to do some liposuction around the nipples and then make a half moon shape incision underneath the nipples and remove the tissue. I agreed this was the way forward and went ahead with the surgery.
After surgery, the surgeon told me that the incisions were not necessary and the Gynescomastia was completely removed by liposuction?! I was surprised as that was not what I was told pre op?  After removing the bandages a week later I was shocked to find that my chest was completely flat but the nipples were still protruding which looked even worse due to the fact my chest was now completely fat. I was told that the lumps pushing my nipples out was scar tissue caused by the lipo and will settle within the next 3 months or so.... 6 Months later nothing has changed and I can feel hard lumps underneath my nipples which is causing me a lot of distress.
The reason I’ve posted this is that was hoping someone could give me some advice as my surgeon is not prepared to do anything about this and I’m now feeling worse than before surgery in fact I’m feeling very depressed even more self conscious and feel like cutting out the offending tissue myself!!- that’s how bad it is not to mention all the usual nasty comments from my mates dude boobs/bitch breasts bore bore yawn Zzzzz. I appreciate its difficult to tell without photos but my question is it possible to remove Gynecomastia completely with Liposuction? without the need to make insertions and remove the tissue or do you think the surgeon has not done a proper job and simply removed the fat around the tissue and not the Gynecomastia itself which has made the nipples more prominent and protruding?
If this is the case where do I stand, its not like he is a cowboy builder and I can report him to trading standards..? Does he have to correct this free of charge or can  I get my money back? Does anyone know where I stand as I wish I never had it done in the first place- please help!

Thanks for taking the time to read it any/all help is greatly appreciated




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I red that with a particular "cannula", called rosemberg or something similar to this name, the gland can be removed with a liposuction. In fact, this cannula at first breaks the gland and then remove it.
Hope this helps.
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I know exactly where you're coming from my friend, i've had exactly the same situation although mine was funded by the nhs but i got the same results as you they seem to stick out even more now than before the operation i had in 2004, they just seemed to take the fat from underneath my nips away so my nipples hang like little beer guts. I'm looking into getting a second op because i did see somewhere that to get the perfect results to our condition does need 2 operations but they obviously forget to tell you this when you have the first one done. This is what mine look like now after having the op in 2004.


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