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I'm M/35, just underwent my Gyne liposuction 5 weeks back. It was medium type and there were no drains after the surgery. I'm on a pressure costume since 5 weeks. The doc showed me a jar full of fat and stuff which were sucked out and I left the hospital dreaming of a flat chested me. Now after 5 weeks I'm having senseless lumps on both my chest, and absolutely no diference the way it looks. Doc says, it takes a while to see the real results and lumps are hard fluids and will disappear soon with LPG therapy. I'm wondering what's happening if someone could please let me know.    


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9 times out of 10 (my guess) men who have lipo only are not satisfied with results and have to go back to have glandular excision. that actually removes the breast tissue and voila--the gyne is gone. so it sounds like you should have had excision but did lipo only.

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if the lumps are just appearing now it's probably scar tissue.  ask the ps about it, some say you can slowly massage it down over time.  if they're pockets of fluid as he seems to be saying then he should be able and willing to drain them significantly with a syringe.  
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