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I am a 15 almost 16 yr old teen.  I did have a late puberty and started growing this summer and now im 5'9 and i am extremely skinny about 110 pounds that lifts weights regularly at school in athletics.  I have had gyn since about 8 months and it seems like it hasnt improved.  My gyn doesn't require a bra or anything but just lumps under my nipples.  I have been made fun of a little but not too many people mess with me because i am a pretty good wrestler.  I hate taking off my shirt to play a game of shirts and skin ( it seems im always skins) or changing shirts to go into athletics.  Im always pinching my nipples while no one is watching so my nipples are smaller so its less noticable.  I like hanging around with girls and going swimming with them except for this year.  I made a lot of excuses.  I had 2 friends that seemed their gyn disapeared fast but they had theirs in 7th grade cuz they were early puberty people.  I wanna know is there a faster way to get rid of gyn than praying cuz that hasnt worked for the last 4 months :(  
Is it more noticeable to be really skinny and have almost no body fat (working out for 4 years) where the muscle push up the fat tissue.  Im almost ashamed and had a few thoughts of just getting a knife and cutting it out.  I have yet to see a kid with really noticable gyn like me.  My nipples PUFF so big it kinda hurts if something hits it.  They puff about an inch up.



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Sorry to break it to you but some people's gyno can go from 1-3 years. See an endocrinologist or your physician but they will most likely make you play the waiting game. You just have to deal with this and don't pinch your nipples as it can increase the size of your nipple when not puffy(or so I hear). Imagine how hard it has been for people who have had this for decades, yours is most likely puberty induced and like I said my doctor told me it could take a couple years to go away. I've waited longer than what my doc told me how long it would take so now I'm going again to get my hormone levels checked.
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  • there is hope.
remember. most of the time, causes for gynecomastia that does not go away after puberty are "unknown".

very rarely does it have an underlying condition, and if it does - then chances are you will see symptoms of such a condition (reduced sex drive for example), say you have low levels of testosterone then some of the symptoms would be lack of muscle mass growth, lack of upper body strength..

with you, i don't know your case at all. however taking your age into account, and the fact that you went through late puberty - i'm pretty sure your case is a pubertal gynecomastia case..

as the last reply to your post said, gyne can last 1-3 years.. however if it truly bothers you, and money isn't a problem, then you could always get it surgically removed.

personally, if i could go back to being 13.. i would get rid of my gyne immediately. but surgery is very personal, and preferences vary from person to person.

best thing to do is talk to your parents about it.

best of luck,


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