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I can devide MY Story  into few chapters which will help you to understand everything end to end.
·         Reason of Gynecomastia
·         All my Actions to get rid of the Gynecomastia
·         Search for a Doctor  
·         Finally before surgery
·         While surgery
·         After surgery
Reason of Gynecomastia è
People are not sure why some ppl got gynecomastia and some not. Yes they say that it happen because of hormonal disbalance but the question is why that hormonal disbalance happened to that person only why not to all. OK whatever as much as I know I came to know reason for why it happened to me.I am 90% sure you will feel that my case is totally different and painful too. 
When i was 7-8 years old , i was sexually abused by one person in village.I was a kid and don’t know all this . I don’t remember exactly but it was going till 2-3 years
then i came back to citi and realized what that guy was doing with me so after that i never allowed him to do that again.
Years later i become 20 year old and i become so fat...almost 100 KG ....and man boobs also grown up and my voice also become so thin like ladies.
I think that sexually abuse affected me so much . I think Harmonal chnages happened due to this sexual abuse and my body was confuse wether to develop as a male of female.
thats why man boobs grown up and my voice also become thin.
But many people have it due to other ways that might be unhealthy life style or something….

All my Actions to get rid of the Gynecomastia
I was thinking that I am becoming fat same like other fat people and I have man boobs like other fat people have but one thing I am always feel strange for example –
·         Why my man boobs are so much bigger with respect to my fattiness.
·         I have seen fatty ppl which are almost double of my size , even they have smaller man boobs (almost half or more less with respect to me). Their bellies are bigger than me but boobs very smalls so they can take t-shirt out but me with less belly but bigger boobs I can’t take t-shirt out.
I was thinking why ??? L L
even I seen fatty people they are almost double fatty then me still they had flat chest L L L L
I missed many pool parties where my friend gone . When they ask from me I just said that I can’t come L ….i avoid swimming plans L always …I avoid water falls visit plan L L
I was totally unaware of reason of my fattiness and man boobs and thin voice till age of 27
I started gym everyday with proper diet very less fat . I almost leave all junk foods, chocolates , ice-creams , rice and all tasty things L just because I wanted to be normal .
I did it almost 1 year and yeah I was successful in reducing weight but ……my man boobs become more bigger because I developed muscles also beneath the chest  which was actually add on thing.
I started more hard next year …first year I was daily running 3 km continuously this year I started running 4-5 year continuously and I increased it till 10 km continuously almost daily …..or alternate date.
i reduce  30 KG by Hard work and running and all.
Now i reached 70 KG from 100 KG.
But as i loosed weight very fast my skin become bit loose and my body fat was still 25% and voice is thin only.
I loosed from 100 to 70 but chest is still larger size then normal so it was again disappointed even after 2 years of gym L
But I never loosed hope I believed that I will get the solution one day . I started research also why hard work is not giving me result.
Till this time I came to know about gynecomastia problem . I started seen many videos . I came to know there are 2 things
One is – Real gynocomastia – you had harmonic disbalance and gland and breast tissues has been developed under ur chest (Like ladies) which is not fat so it cant go by hard work or exercise.
Second is – Sudo gynocomastia- You have only one issue overweight so every part of ur body has extra fast so chest also
Then I got one famous group on facebook names S.Q.U.A.T where every other guy is dedicated to build the body. They are following a very amazing concept for body building where
I followed a specific diet named as keto diet and believe me guys it is the most powerful diet I have ever seen. In this diet no running allowed and you need to eat fat fat and fat so much.
Sound interesting right but there is a price. You cannot have more carbohydrate like chapaties and all also not allowed. But in 1 month u can reduce straight 5-7 kg without running only weight lifting.
In this diet body eat its own fat for energy so your fat getting reduced day by day . I tried this for checking that weather I have gland on my chat or only fat .
If it was fat then it should be gone by that diet because from other parts of my body all fat gone only chest part was not gone. So it was clear that I had a gland on chest no fat so it can not be resolved by exercise.
SO I started visiting doctors. Search of good doctor started in my life.
I stopped diet and all because I fed up from those things so I started becoming fat also.
Search for a Doctorè
I meet one person on Facebook group S.Q.U.A.T . He also had gyno and he did his surgery 2-3 years back so I told him about my story .i was feeling god came itself for helping me , guiding me. He helped me like he is my best friend. I can never forget his help and I told him anytime you feel that I can help you please tell me I will never say no to you. I m really thankful to god for giving me this much help when I required. He gone through surgery from Doctor Naveen so he suggested Dr Naveen.
My research continued. I visited 2 doctors.
·         Dr Naveen rao (Appolo Bennargatta , Bangalore)
·         Chennai doctor Karthik Ram
About Naveen Rao -
I would say Dr Naveen was a good person and after many time talking to him I also realized he is a optimistic , knowledgable , practical person and  he also believe in god  like me.
I must say in very first meeting also he is straight forward. Some people like it and some people don’t like it.
On my first meeting he just said to me yes you have gland  and it will not go by erercise.
The amazing thing is he never encourage me for surgery because what I feel like he is not doing surgery for only money he is doing it for helping people. He suggested me its not a disease so it only affect your physique and no other health issue. You can live with this because surgery is some kind of not natural thing and little bit risky also.
He mean to say you should go for a surgery if you really so much worried about your physique (and I was mad about my physique as you know I was following this from years I can’t let it end without solving this)
If your are ok then you can live with gyno till your death. As per his words almost 98-99 % cases surgery goes well and no complications only in few cases some complications can happen like internal bleeding or Scar swelling extra but in other cases it is normal .
It is not life threatening surgery in todays technological world.
About Karthik Ram –
I visited Ram karthik when he came Bangalore on Sat. He was very much polite to me.He seen me and said yes u developed nice body except chest. He told he also had gyno and he also gone through
This kind of surgery he showed me some videos and pics and he also explained how he will do the surgery
He is quit famous doctor on internet
Ohk everyone has their own criteria for deciding anything here is my criteria for deciding Dr, Naveen Rao over Dr Karthik
Dr Karthik ram==>
i never met any patient of him so don't know he is good or not.his website comes on top that is not about his skills that is a technical thing known as SEO (Search engine optimization) lot of engineer can do this for any plastic surgen who even did not completed his 3-4 surgeries.
Dr Karhik use key hole method there is risk of unsymmetrical shape of chest.
Dr karthik use key whole and not excision so glands can not remove which is the most important part
Dr Naveen Rao ==>
I have met one patient who has gone though this surgery on 2013 and he is happy now his chest looks so good now.
Dr Naveen rao did his Training in some foreign place and USA recommended only doc at Bangalore.
He is famous for revised surgery which is tough task but he is doing it . it means there is less chance of mistakes if you chose him at first chance.
He use excision method so gland will be removed fully.which is imp part.
So finally I decided that I will go with Dr Naveen Rao.
Finally before surgeryè
I meet him 2-3 times before surgery for understanding and knowing the process.
I have so manyyyyyy doubts also I have asked all and Dr Naveen rao given me answer of every question in very calm way. Every doctor not doing the  .
Recently I visited some amriteshwar (SAKARA) about some liver fattines. I was asking question and he started fight with me so I said ok and I came back…so Dr Naveen rao is so helpful specially when u going for a surgery u required such help man……
I am giving some example of my doubts some bight be so silly –

I have small brest enlargment and i think there is high chances that my body contain Estrogen still 
so i started eating some Anastrozole tablets i am thinking might be it will help me to reduce estrogen level in my body which was not corrected by good diet from last 3 years 
What should i do? SHould i go for estrogrn test first ??
 how much it cost in india and any good doctor?
I know there is a very costly medicine arimidex . I am not sure wether to take this or not? This is fir estrogen reduction
Skin tightening I will use some Vitamin C , E and alovera crème massages as I searched on internet. I think this can help me . Can you suggest some pills and crème?
I will do very heavy weight training for full body specially for chest so that at least I will remove all remaining fat around my chest and if only gland remained it will come in good shape . and I will gain some muscles and will make shoulders also big so I think my chest will look proper ratio.
Should I go for any gel like  Gynexol  or tablet for man boob reduction .(Actually I tried that also its costly and work as nothing 110% waste of money)
I want to try some medicine also before getting surgery might be it will work for me because I don’t have so much bad gyno. It is small breast kind only. see pics of mine
What happen to my muscels which I developed underneath my chest?
When I can do gym?
When can I go office again?
While Surgery è

I am tired by writing all this guys still I am telling u story in short.
I told doc that I want surgery on 12th specially because its Thursday (Friday I taken leave and I have Saturday and Sunday also before office …just a plan not applied leave at office)
On the day of surgery , I wake up 3 o clock and did shaving of full chest and I leaved flat around 4 o clock my one friend wake up and asked where u going man ?
I said hey I am going to my friends place might be we will go for a trip and it might take 3-4 days to come.
I like the bike journey that night 4 o clock weather was cold nice wind and I am riding slowly slowly on my CBR . I was happy that I am finally going for this.
I gone hospital and submitted the fee and reached to one room there nurse given me a gown kind suit then I wered it and finally reached to operation room where do and other helper of doctor already waiting for me.
He taken some pics of mine….here u can see my chest in shaved situation its clearly visible that I had gyno.
See pics by below link
Pics - When I left gym and decided that I will go for surgery after 1 month–
PIC - I left gym and all and become fat again in frustration and these  pics taken by  doc just 5 min before surgey -
Then they told me lie down and then some cold cold liquid started flowing inside me that was anesthesia. I like that thing really :P
I never seen such a great think…. it was so awesome ….sorry doctor if u r reading but anesthesia experience was so good I feel like lighter and brain was lighter and when I slept I even did not know…. :P
After Surgery è
Oh what happened while surgery I don’t know because  I was unconscious due to that anesthesia.
I remember the moment when cold cold anesthesia flowing in body after that i open my eyes after operation done …somebody told that ur operation done then I was surprised but happy that finally I have
Taken step.
I was feeling bit difficulty in breathing that’s why a mask was there on me.
After 30 min I started feeling ok only thing is chest pain I can’t move so much my chest was wrapped in some tape but then they moved me some room where some nurse was caring me …
I was sleeping sleeping only
I don’t wana show u my pics of gland and while surgery things  because I feel like some of u might get scared but  I seen those and I have pics also if u want I can send u separately.
Then same day doc came and meet me asked is there any issue pain? I said no then he given me some useful advice and gone. that friend of mine I described above came again for help and he told me about oyo rooms I even did not know that then I booked oyo rooms by mobile it was 100 meter from hospital . so I got discharged same day as Apollo is costly.
I don’t wana go home like this that’s why stayed Friday , Saturday and Sunday in that oyo room then in 3 days I started walking properly . doc given me a tight vest also which I am wearing right now also because only 4 month completed after surgery . Doc told some precautions and some massages of alovera that also I am still following .
I don’t wana show u pics of just after surgery because it is really scaring I also got scared and feeling like I have taken a wrong decision it is worst then before but
A big BUT
I never understood the surgery process. U can get a good looking chect just after surgery . Surgery is for something which u can removed by gym yes ..gland. then u need to give to ur body for healing
Then it slowly slowly heal and ur chest started taking proper shape but for getting a perfect shape obviously u need to do gym again then u can make it exact proper.
After surgery I waited 2 month no gym only rest and then 1 month more I did rest only 4th month I have to go to my dad’s place for helping them as he is also going for a stone surgery so it completed 4 month without gym so over all I gained 15 kg from the time I left gym but I know I can do it fast as I know the way .
I will show u my current pics after 4 month of surgery it is looking like so greate then man boobs I just started gym also so don’t only believe but I know it that after 2 months I will look awesome ;)
I will not cancel my water fall plans or pool parties ;)
These are pics after 4 month
Sorry man I can’t tell my identity here I will give u my email ID there u can mail me and I will reply u .
Somebody helped me I also help u to get the correct path ….u can see my ID in signature below  J



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The correct path is the path you choose to take. No one but you can make this decision.

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Correct man !!!! u r correct the end u need to take a decision.....either live with this or just get rid of this......both are correct its personal perception :) and this is different for different different ppl


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