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Hi guys,

Well, its now 3 weeks since my surgery.... my camera is bust so I can't get any pictures to you just yet (grrrr!) but I'm on a mission to get some posted by the end of the week....

As some of you may know, I have probably encountered the worst ever recovery from the gynecomastia procedure..... not my chest, oh no, that was fine.... But deciding the day after my op to climb into our converted loft proved to be the wrong choice when just as I was about to step in, the ladders shattered beneath me and I plunged to the ground - breaking my foot in 3 places!! (I blame you lot cos I was so eager to get to the computer to update you on the success of my procedure!!) Hhehehe... at least I can laugh now....

Anyways, after 3 weeks of home comforts, I have now come back to my flat where I am hobbling like a true cripple. I wanted to message you all as last night was probably the highlight of my recovery so far....

I don't know about you but I always tried to convince myself that I would fit into certain "slimmer" tops when out shopping...I would bring them home thinking that I could carry them off, but then get to the mirror at home and see those evil mounds/breasts staring back at me through the material.... sometimes I would wear them anyway but would wear a coat over the top - friends would try and get a peek of my new purchase and say "take your coat off and let me see" but I would say I was too cold (despite feeling beads of sweat trickle down my back).....

Anyways, yesterday I returned to my wardrobe... I'm embarrassed to say it but as I started tryng things on I felt tears start to stream down my cheeks... I have got about 15 t shirts and 10 shirts that were just sitting on a rail which now hang off me perfectly - I feel so incredibly liberated from not having this secret under my clothes anymore,.... its incredible....

For anyone who is feeling uncertain - please - just go for it... you will never look back

Pics to follow later in the week....

New Man


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I feel so incredibly liberated from not having this secret under my clothes anymore,.... its incredible....

Awesome feeling huh?   ;D

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LOL - I know *exactly* what you're talking about.  There are a good 10 shirts in my wardrobe that either I didn't bother to take back to the store after seeing how much they showed my chest, or which did fit ok before they were washed, etc.  I still, over two months post-op, can't believe that I'm wearing them out finally - with no slouching, so self-consciousness.  Even more, I had to purge out the old baggy shirts since they just looked silly now, and just last weekend went out shopping - must have gotten a good 10 polo shirts and other knit tops.  And now with summer here, finally no more wearing two or three layers.  I can just throw on a t-shirt and jeans and go. 

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ouch sorry to hear that. Get well man!

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No sweat brother.

I'm eating vicodin like Flinstone vitamins  :D

Ha! Nice!

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This is one of those sort of 'target' moments that I'm waiting for.

I found the perfect shirt to go out one night at uni this year...found my back to the flat and try it on...bang...the chest area was the ONLY place to be and feel totally wrong!  Needless to say it went back for a refund the next day  :(

The only reason I now don't want to fit into all nice new cool clothes is because of how much I'm going to be spending every week on new clothes when I get back to uni!!  ;D

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Man I cant wait until I can post this and have the same feeling. I brought 3 shirts, one brown, one orange and one blue they look really nice on me, but I would never step outside with moobs make the whole thing look terrible...I have about 30 shirts I dont wear that are brand new, just because they expose this curse too much....I just cant wait until I get my surgery done and I can put them on, and when the wind blows only a flat chest shows.....ah I cant wait.
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I have soooo many brightly coloured t-shirts that I can not wait to wear.

Can not wait....
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No sweat brother.

I'm eating vicodin like Flinstone vitamins  :D

You got vicodin? I got darvocet I heard it's not as good for handling pain. I've also heard people actually take it to try an get some kind of "high." I don't get it cause it just gives me nausea I actually rather just handle the pain. ???


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