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I've been suffering with Gynecomastia since i was about 11 years old, the doctors told me that it would probably go away as i got older, but it never did. Almost a month ago I went in for a issue i had about hair bumps on my neck, the doctor noticed the significant gynecomastia, and suggested i see a surgeon, she said seeing how you really aren't that big, I don't see why you should suffer with this. We discussed how the doctors had said that because it was considerd cosmetic surgery that I probably wouldn't get insurance coverage for it. She set up an appointment with a surgeon, who basically looked at me and told me he couldn't do anything for me because he said insurance wouldn't pay for it. he basically dismissed me. About two days later the head of Surgery at Kaiser permanente in Cleveland heigts called me and told me to come in. I came in the next week. he looked me over and told me a man shouldn't have breast and that it wasn't right that they had drug me along for 8 years without trying to help me. He went ahead and approved me for the surgery, he put n my paper, prevention from pain in the future. My prayers for so many years had been answered. Yesterday I had my surgery, the joy I feel right now can't be explained in words. I I can tell you is prayer works, and never stop trying to get where I am because it is possible. I never thought it would happen to me. But it did. So pray ask God to help you, and mean it.

P.S. I'm going to post my post-op pictures in a few days when I can take my bandages off.


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That's great man, I'm happy for you.  

At least we know there are some really kind-hearted people of the medical-profession in this world.

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Being thankful is good man.  I'm a day post-op.

And not to get on you or anything (really), but personally, I feel as if I got myself to this point, not really "God".  But I guess when people say "thank God" they're just showing how grateful and happy they are in general.  

Anyway, good luck!


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