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I have been a lurker for years and finally got the surgery. I wasn't going to bother with posting, but thought it might help someone in the future so I might as well do it.

I had gyne from about 11 yrs old until 8 days ago (almost 30 yrs old).

Mine was a minor case, but as everyone else on here says, teasing - although very rare - hurt when it happened.

I was very athletically involved and I would 'non chalantly' pinch my nips before taking off my shirt in public because I knew they looked 'normal' after being pinched.

I didn't mind swimming, because the cold temperatures would keep things looking normal for me. I did my best to avoid walking into the wind wearing a t-shirt because you could see the puffy nips. I also avoided taking my shirt off in public if I knew there was a chance they would go puffy.

I am not overweight by any stretch and never has been. About 6' tall and 180 lbs. I am quite athletic and hit the gym regularly.

I finally decided to get the surgery done on Nov 19th, 2013. My wife was supportive, although she claimed to not see the nipples as being an issue.

I met with a local well known plastic surgeon. The price was steep (8 grand) but to me, it would be worth it.

He told me that he would be doing excision and then lipo to feather the chest out.

I took time off work for recovery and met the PS on Nov 19th in his private clinic.

I was scared to death of the general anesthetic but the anesthetist put my mind at ease.

After being marked up, I remember walking into the theatre and laying down on the table. They put in an IV and had me breathe a few times through a mask - then whammo, I woke up a few hours later in recovery.

I woke up in a tensor bandage with drains coming out that looked like small hand grenades.

A nurse helped me get dressed and wheeled me out to the car. My wife drove me home and looked after me that night.

I was prescribed a bunch of pain meds, but I didn't use any. In my opinion, the surgery isn't 'painful'. My chest had very minimal bruising and no real swelling to mention. The nurse told me that they removed 28 grams of gland from each side of my chest. This likely doesn't sound like much, but when you are a thin guy, it sticks out like....well...a pair of perky titties!

I live about 35 minutes away from the surgical center and I had a checkup appointment the next day. I drove myself to the appointment with minimal issues. I had to grip the steering wheel lower and move my seat up a bit. No big deal. No pain, just limited range of comfortable motion. It felt like I was just a little sore from a big chest workout.

I got to the appointment and the PS was happy (as was I) with the flat chest below. The drains were removed as each side had only drained about 12 ml in the 24 hour period.

He advised to continue with the tensor for a few weeks and come in for a follow up at week 6.  The stitches were all internal underneath the areola and will go away on their own.

I am not a big fan of the tensor sliding down, so I bought the stage one vest from underworks and wear that during the day and the tensor with an underarmor compression shirt on top at night.

I was back to walking around the house and putting on my own shirts at about day 3. I was lifting things like large bags of dog food at day 6. Showering on day 2. Picking up my  3 yr old daughter at day 7.

As I type this, I am feeling close to about 85%. My left nipple and chest is about  90% and the right side about 80%.  The right side nipple had no feeling on day 2 and did not even respond to temperature changes. Now, it has some sensation and responds (although much slower than the left) to temperature changes.

I will be wearing compression for another week or so and then will likely move to a 'size too small' under armour compression shirt.

This is just my experience with a 'minor' case of gyne. Your results may vary!



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Congrats! I hope the recovery continues to go as well!

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Congrats on your successful surgery! 


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