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Dr. Dr. Schuster Review (Gynecomastia Surgery)

I have been living with gynecomastia since puberty.  It caused me to avoid many activities that required me to remove my shirt (beach, pool, gym, etc.).  It also made shopping for clothes very difficult. I avoided tight fitting clothes, t-shirts and even thin golf shirts.  My wardrobe revolved around my gynecomcastia and dictated what I could or couldn’t wear.  It created a lot of stress since it would consume my thoughts for most of the day (everyday) for over 25 years.  I began researching gynecomastia surgery many years ago.  I researched all surgery techniques, thousand of reviews and even videos online of surgeries.  I had many consultations with plastic surgeons that perform this surgery. After extensive research I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Dr. Schuster.  Not only does Dr. Schuster have a one of a kind bedside manner, his perfected techniques for conducting the surgery are extremely impressive.  He is a talented surgeon, artist and perfectionist. From the moment I stepped into his offices I was treated like family. His staff is as good as they come and made me feel totally at ease and welcome.  I had many concerns about surgery, which Dr. Schuster and his staff addressed.  He took the time to answer all my questions.  I scheduled my surgery for October 17, 2011.  It was performed at the new Northwest Hospital SurgiCenter in Baltimore, Maryland.  I was very impressed with the nurses, anesthesiologist and entire staff, all of whom have been working with Dr. Schuster for years.  They where very thorough and made me feel as comfortable as possible.  My surgery went so well.  I knew I was with the right surgeon, however, my results exceeded my expectations on every level.  He has perfected the “pull through surgical technique”, a procedure which is more difficult and requires exceptional experience.  I am now only 16 days post op and have very minimal bruising and swelling.  I absolutely love the results.  I never even required pain medication at all after the surgery.  This I know is a testament to Dr. Schuster’s incredible surgical abilities.  My confidence level and self-esteem are through the roof!  I have never felt better about myself.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this surgery earlier, however, time and research led me to this most incredible surgeon.  I would recommend Dr. Schuster to anyone considering any type of plastic surgery.  His results are incredible.  I can start living my life to the fullest now.  I can’t thank you and your staff enough Dr. Schuster!!  You are so talented and a true artistic genius!!

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