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This is a repost from another thread, from me...


If you want to lose weight, try doing circuit training. I have lost weight this way:

1. Cross-trainer for 20 mins (70-85RPM), 5 mins cooldown

2. Bench press / dumb bells 2 sets flat, 2 sets inclined (good if you have gyne like me and turn those breasts to pectoral muscles)

3. The usual dumb bell exercises: for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back

4. Use some machines for your legs if you want

5. Treadmill: 2 min brisk walking, 6 min sprint/fast jog, 2 min cooldown

6. Do 2, 3, 4 again

7 Treadmill: 2 min brisk walking, 15 min fast jog, 2 min cooldown

Do this for like 3 times a week. I've been doing it for about 3 months now. My gyne doesn't look too bad under a shirt as my chest is starting to form. When I take them out, though it's still kinda shows. I'll see if there are improvements after a year or two. If now then I'll consider surgery...but from the looks of it I might just pull it off on workouts!! No pain no gain! Increase your weights every few weeks.

Good luck!


I suggest everyone try exercising before surgery


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great advice.  sounds like common sence but I think it's very important.  the overall health benefits of exercise can not be overly stressed. i've always worked out pretty consistently, my problem is food (and lots of it).  If I can continue to combine my workouts with a healthy diet, i'd be better off.

Won't do a whole lot for your gyne, but you'll certainly feel better about yourself.

Good post.
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