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When I was 15 years old, i started to gain weight quite rapidly.  In the short time of just 3 months, I went from 200 lbs to 245 lbs.  That may not seem signifigant, but trust me, it looked it.  Now I know this may not be 100% true gynecomastia according to some people but I did begin to develop a rather nice set of breasts.

My father was the first to notice it, he just made fun of me.  When my mother noticed it, she asked me if I was doing drugs.  I told her I wasn't.  She then said that she would take me to a doctor to have it checked out (neither one of us knew it was gynecomastia).

The doctor diagnosed me with gynecomastia and said that the "problem" should resolve itself.

My mother asked me if my breasts bothered me, I said no, so she never asked me again.  In fact, she has actually helped me grow my breasts even larger through weight gain.

At time of diagnosis, my breasts weren't even large enough to necessitate a bra.  Now, they are a medium-large A-cup.  Even though my weight gain has slowed down, causing my breast growth to slow as well, I still want larger breasts.  If there is any way possible, aside from breast implants, to make them bigger (at least a large B-cup or small C-cup), please tell me.  I LOVE MY BREASTS AND WANT LARGER ONES!!!!!


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Not so sure about your intent for that post. If you arent very serious it sure is bad taste. If you are, then i think you are a little disturbed. No offence of course.

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Stop trolling.

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it's probably a real story, there are some people who react that way, though they are definitely the minority.  my advice is, search yahoo groups, there's a few out there and you'll have better luck finding what you're looking for there than here.  
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