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It began when I was in the 7th grade.  A student turned to me and said (out loud) you have some big T's.
And everybody looked at me, and started to laugh.  That was the first time I even noticed them.  I was always a skinny kid, but when puberty hit, I just started to grow.  It shut me out of a lot of activites.  I wanted to try out for the basketball team, but when the coach divided us up into shirts and skins, I left, because he wanted me to be on the skins.  Not to be mean, it was just the way he wanted it.  So I devoted my teenage years and my adult life to hidding in the background.  I am a little bit better now, but I can never get those years back.  I am 30, and I want to get surgery.  I have had a consult before.  I wonder can I get my insurance to cover it, because I do suffer from depression.  I go to the gym and I take martial art classes, but the more you work your chest muscles, the more pronouced they become.  What should I do?  do anyone have any suggestions?


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See my post "Debt vs. Gyne-free life" in Gyne Talk.

If weight is part of the issue, try your best to lose it.  If surgery is the ultimate best route, FIND a way to make it happen.  I would not hold my breath expecting an insurance company to pick up the tab.  

Save and/or finance to make it happen.

The great news is that there IS a surgical remedy for the problem.

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Your plight reflects the plight of so many other guys.  And we fully appreciate the psychological impact it has on your daily life.

I am guessing you are from the US?  In the UK it is possible to have surgery paid for by the government, but it is usually because of the psychological impact it causes, otherwise male chest reduction is regarded purely as cosmetic or elective surgery.

From what I have read, it is very difficult to get insurance to pay for this treatment pretty much anywhere.  But that is not to say it is impossible.  You have research to do here.

If you think surgery is right for you, then begin to look for consultants with a high caseload of male chest reduction procedures.  Look at ways of financing it either through saving or loans.

Best wishes.


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