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I don't know where to start...

I'm 22 years old.  I have gynecomastia (I think).  

When I was 18, it was not that noticable.  I have put on weight since then, and now it's hard for others NOT to stare...people do it all the time.  And they make it obvious - the cashier, my professors, friends, and so on.

This is the first time I'm talking about this.  I've kept it locked inside me for a long time.

Here is the catch side --> I'm a tall guy six foot three.  And I 'look' like I'm medium build.  That's because ALL of my fat (well, MOST) is concentrated on my belly and chest.  It gives me a 'strange' body shape.  I HATE it.

I have become anti-social.  I don't talk with confidence anymore.  I am reserved.  I wear thick clothing all the time.  I crouch (and suffer from back aches).  when wearing t-shirts or polos, I tuck my hand on the inside, and pull it down, to avoid the impression of my chest on the shirt (you know what I mean).  I wear my backpack in wierd positions.  I walk FAST.  I hate walking against the wind.  I avoid PEOPLE.  When I sit with other people, I have to do so uncomfortably.  And when they leave, I relax and my chest fat and belly hang out freely.  I stretch out my tops in the middle, to create more bagginess.  I mean, the list goes on and on.

I noted above, I'm not sure if I have gynecomastia, or if it is just fat from eating too much.  I mean, I've had this problem since high school (just not to the extent NOW)...

...having said that, I've been a little overweight since high school.

I'm not in denial though - it looks like I have breasts.  And it is worse, because I don't even LOOK overweight.  I really don't - it's just that the weight is concentrated on my belly.

I will work out, and see where that gets me...

...but as for now, I am very interested in getting something temporary (while I loose the weight) to compress the breasts...

...I was thinking something like a bandage that can wrap around my chest and back, and I can tie it or something.  I tried someting about a year ago, but it kept slipping off...

...Does anybody have any ideas?  I don't mind looking into Specially Designed 'under tops' that do the job for people like me - do these exist?  Do you recommend them?  But it would be better if I can just go to a WAL MART and get whatever tools cloth or bandages that I can use.  I'd appreciate ANY responses.  

Thank You.


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is there anybody here that relates?

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There probably isn't a person here who doesn't relate man.  I am tall and not overweight and I have it.  Some people say working out will help and it will a little but it will never go away without surgery.  I am calling for a consultation tomorrow and am going to work out hardcore until my surgery date.  Until then there isn't too much you can do...i've heard of some people wearing underarmour.

I should mention that it also depends on the severity of your case.  If you had pictures you could probably get more people who could help you or give advice.  Good luck

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mate everything you said i also have suffered since i was very early teens prob 12
you arent alone in this and prob most pubertal gyne sufferers share this dont think its just you.i got mine sorted 2 months ago on nov very happy.go see a surgeon get it 25 i waited a long enuf time so have you im sure

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    • "Me vs. My Breast"
my prayer goes out to you, that's all i say... been here and experience that first hand... that's all i can say!
Free Documentary "Me vs. My Breast"

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nowchase, you have NO IDEA how much your post means to me.......

.........thx SO MUCH.

I will order a Compression Vest from tommorow...

it will cost about 40 dollars, when shipping and handling is included...

...I don't even know if this will work...but I'd pay up to 100 dollars for JUST ONE chance!

In the mean time, I am wrapping bandages around my upper body.  I walked around with them on today, and I was almost in tears...

...for the first time in my life, I walked around with my chest out, and back straight.  And NOT ONE PERSON looked...

...I don't have a 'severe' case, as in having the breasts hanging out...'s just that mine are VER pointy (funnel shaped).  and the slight difference helps A LOT :)

almost in tears.................

it IS uncomfortable though.  if the Compression Vest does the SAME job, and looks Better, and is More comfortable, then that will be the Beginning of a NEW ME :))))))))))))

I can't wait :))))))))))))

I'll post here tommorow when I finish ordering it online...

...then, when I recieve it in the mail, I'll post again to let you all know how it fits and everything.........

thx again bud!  for making my day :)))))))))))


any last minute recommendations?

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it should be in tommorow, i'll post what i think about it when i get it..........

...........i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dude, I have the same story to my life.  I am six four.  And read these stories and I also feel like we live in this equal but parellel world.  I thought about underamour wear also.  Do they come in a vest like shirt?  I would get that if it did.  

Good Luck bro,  May GOD bless you.

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I never tried any of that, dont know if this would help but im post-op now and the surgeon wrapped a gauze bandage around my chest and althoguh i dont have gyne anymore, im thiniking this could probably still work for someone with it.


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