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I posted this under the talk group, but figured I'd share here.
I've been on the gynecomastia site for a few years now, but I was wondering if anyone has had any successful revision procedures done for crater deformities.  
I've had 3 procedures in the past 4 years.  I always felt uncomfortable about nipple puffiness - had a quick outpatient procedure done, which involved some lipo on each side, and didn't change anything.  The second procedure was two years later, day surgery with a different provider who took glandular tissue out of both sides, but I ended up with crater deformities on each side, and the third procedure was last May - fat injections, which were to fix the craters, but changed nothing.  
I am more insecure about my crater deformities and obvious asymmetry of my chest than I ever was with my puffy nipples.  Some skin adhered to the muscle behind it and visibly tugs on my chest, so one could look at me and wonder what the heck my story is, as its obvious I had something done to my chest.  My right nipple is on a crease, so it actually folds into itself.  I tried working on building my chest, but my genetics work against me and I'm not able to build the muscle to change anything.  The two surgeons I had were both board certified.  If I could have done it over again, I'd probably never have had the surgeries OR I would have sought out a surgeon who had extensive experience with this procedure.  
I met with a new Doctor last week, and discussed a dermal fat graft from my abdomen to place into my right side, and fat injections spun in a centrifuge for my left side.  I'm worried that in addition to having a wonky looking chest with tugs, loose skin, tight skin, folds, depressions etc, that I'll also be adding 'strange abdominal depression' to my list of things that make me feel and look strange.
It wasnt supposed to be this way.    Has anyone had experience with this, or an fat graft from your abd?  I would expect some scarring, but I dont want a crater deformity in my abdomen too.



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