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Hi everyone. I never knew there was a forum for this, really glad i found it, reading peoples stories have made me feel less depressed recently.

my story. I'm 18 years old, and have had this for probably 5-6 years now maybe more. I have it on my left side only, so it really shows up in a t-shirt or tightish clothing. I used to play sport, was reasonably fit and healthy and confident. I didn't notice it when i was younger, until my supposed best mate saw it one day and started to take the piss. he made up a song about it and spread it around my school, needless to say it was horrible. i started to speak less and hid away from people. i still played sport but that was because it was compulsory, but didn't put any effort in. i failed exams because of it and felt really depressed, and even suicidal at times. it died down after a while but i hated it. i left there eventually and started going to college, i really enjoy that but i still feel depressed. i cant wear clothes that reveal it and recently have had loads of crap at home that's made me feel depressed again. i have had consultations with my GP and a surgeon and they said it was one of the worst they have seen, but they couldn't do anything about it and that it would go away in a few years. but they said that 2 years ago! i dint know what to do, i have looked at private surgery, but don't know how i can afford it!



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