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Hello all, my name is Eric. I'm 24 and this is my story. Starting during pubirty sometime I began to notice I had boobs. I was a chubby little kid so i assumed it must just be fat and with a little exercise it will go away....well needless to say i was wrong! I never was really picked on for it i guess, but i would get the occastional comment or person that would grab them or poke at them. It was horrible and I was very self conscious about it. I mean it was a thought every waking minute. I would get shirts with lots of stuff on the front of them, usually a dark color, or i'd make sure I had a hoodie nearby...even on nice days. It was total shyt! I work at a resturant and we're allowed to wear approns if we are working with food and i'd always have to sort through them to find the big ones that would cover my chest better. I'd even dig through the dirty ones to find one. On days where i worked on the register (where no approns were allowed)I would always have a sweatshirt on claiming i was getting sick, or that i was cold all the time. My first real girfriend and i were together about 4 years and i never once went swimming with her. I would always lie and tell her i was allergic to chlorine. SAD RIGHT?! but she never really said much about my boobs. nothing that mattered really. she was very accepting. Well lets fast forward to about 2 months ago. i was working as usual and one of my co-workers(who had apparently noticed my moobs) began with a nickname BITCH breasts. man it sucked. he called me that all the time. and i rememeber dreading going to work because of this one kid. but he's the one in actuallity that cause me to finally after about 10 or 12 years of embarassment seek help. So thats what i did. I had surgery the 1st of March outside of pittsburgh. Let me tell you, i've never felt this good about myself. I went to the grocery store the other day with a white tee shirt on for the first time EVER! i no longer have to wear layers, or dark colors, or patterns, I CAN WEAR ANYTHING! I just want those of you who are suffering with this to know that there IS help and it may not be today, or tomorrow, or even this year, but someday you (hopefully) can get the surgery. I'm a college student and the surgery has made me almost broke. It cost me 3600. That was about all the money i had saved. but it was worth every penny. Just realize your not alone and there are many others with the same problem. Just stay positive brothers! YOUR TIME WILL COME.  ;D


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Many who write to describe their feeling after surgery say similar things. Many simply say they feel liberated.

Grandpa Dan


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