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I busted my ass at the gym 6 days a week for ten yrs, 1/2 cause i loved the hobbie, 1/2 to "sculpt" my chest (rid myself of my Gyno prob) I stopped going to the gyn eventually cause I knew no matter what I did there was no "correcting" the prob. I didn't know it was a surgery-only prob untill I saw a late nite commercial about the surgery.  I got the procedure a week ago and love it.  I'm still in awe at the missing area and can't wait till I can hit the weights again and see the new me!   


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Hey Dunyet,

Mind if I ask where you got your procedure and who it was performed by?  Also what were your total costs?  I'm considering doing it too but am so reluctant to spend $5 to 7 K of my hard earned money, especially when evidence of the surgery may not even wear off for 6 months...  My problem is not terribly horrible like some I've seen, but it's bad enough that I think about it all the time...any advice would be appreciated.


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