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Hey guys.....i have visited this website 5-6 times in last 5 years.Today i decided to write my story of gynecomastia.I noticed some breast enlargement when i was 13 years old. It was just mild gynecomastia, which was not very noticeable.When i was around 20 yrs of age, my gynecomastia increased in size and now it was very noticeable.I spoke to my doctor, had some blood work done which was normal and was told by my doctor that i had idiopathic gynecomastia (cause unknown).I was refered to Plastic surgeon and had surgery done with good results.
   By the time i had my srugery i had started my medical school. I would say gyne was the reason i went to medical school as it affected my life a lot. During my medical school years i thought of either doing plastic surgery or endocrinology fellowship.
   1 year after surgery i noticed that my gland was coming back.Was very upset cause my surgery was successful and i didnt want to go thru the whole gyne trauma again. I again got some blood work which was complaetley normal.So doctors could not figure it out what exactly the cause was.One of the endocrinoloist told me that it was tissue resistnace and i knew it was crap as i myself was in medical school and knew pretty much every thing about gynecomastia.
    So now i am living with it.I am currently finishing my internal medicine residency and would start my endocrinology fellowhip next year which is a 2 year program.I have had surgery once and i dont know if my gynecomastia would recur after second surgery.
    I know this condition has affected all of us and caused lot of mental trauma.In my case i would end up as an endocrinologist.Have already started some major research projects concerning the idiopathic causes of gynecomastia.Once i am an endocrinologist would love to help all you guys here who are suffering from this condition.


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Thanks, Doc.

It would be great to have someone on here that could explain some of the numbers on blood test results.



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