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when i was a freshman in highschool last year my weight got out of control... i was weighing 215 by the end of the year... somebody in my class said this "you have the biggest man boobs i have ever seen" I thought to myself that it was probably just because i was overweight. So the whole last summer i went on a diet and about 6 months later i was down to 165 pounds at 6'3 inches tall... i almost  have a six pack and a low body fat that shows definition except that i still noticed that my chest stuck out and there was a ton of fat there.... I was so dissapointed that for all the hard work i did it really didnt mean much to me at all... all year during school this year i used to try to cover it up by wearing multiple layers of clothes. button down shirts, sweatshirts. I even wore a sweatshirt in the summer for gods sake. as for now i am currently working on talking to my dad and getting surgery to get this fixed because it really lowers my self esteem and is truly a curse :(.


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I hear ya man, I'm 17 and have the same problem. I just read about some compression vests that you can buy on the internet. They are pretty much like regular t-shirts or undershirts, except they exert pressure on your chest and abs. I'm thinking about buying one to wear under my shirts all the time. Imagine what I had to go through when I played soccer and we had to play "skins." Oh and don't even make me start on the pool parties. I am also looking forward to surgery, but first I'm gonna go see a doctor. Good luck man.

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i dnt think that ur case is worse than mine dude  :)

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Congrats on your weight loss...  ;)

Good luck with your surgery journey...  Make sure the surgeon that you choose has good credentials...

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