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Hi there..

I've been reading the board to death for a few days and figured it was time to say aloha and share my story

I can remember at 17 thinking.. "hmmm gonna have to get stuck in at the gym and get rid of these..." well I'm 34 now and still got them..worse than ever now.. so it's gotta happen..and soon.

I've been thinking about surgery for about 4 years on and off... sometimes it bothers me loads..other times I just think.. awww what the feck... why worry I've never had problems with women...and even have women asking me out ..yay :D... I dress well and have a good lifestlye...but still it does bother me.

I am about 15 stone at the moment but a very stocky build so I manage to pull of it's "muscle with a layer or lard" on with the clothes I wear... (baggy t-shirts.... shirts over t-shirts etc)

I've gone from not thinking about it too seriously to being fully committed to getting it sorted this year.. asap.

I am not neurotic about it....I'll go swimming on holiday and am quite happy to stip off in front of women as usually if I have to get my shirt off in front of a woman it's "game on" so to speak and it don't make much difference at that stage :D ...

But I find If Im walking on the beach with no top on as I haven't had the time to put it back on or something I'll be carrying something like a towel or my top...up high or round my neck or find myself doing something else that means my hands are in front of my chest :(

I'm a stocky short dude so could probably mask it and carry on but I am tired of seeing clothes I'd like to wear...tight white tops etc.... or jump in the jacuzzi with a couple of friends etc.. as I certainly wouldn't at the moment unless it was very subdued lighting and even then I'd be freaking out as when Im sat down it looks awful :(

I lost 4.5stone before and they were still there, ok 4.5 stone of fat went... as I went for 16.5 of lard to 12 stone of muscle (with boobs on top :() a couple of years back. so bearing in mind muscle is heavier than fat.. god only knows how much actual fat I lost.

I just know this is holding me back from getting fit and not dropping dead of a heart attack later as I just can't be bothered to diet and keep fit at the moment as the results just aren't down the line... and I know that for sure as I've been there before and still had man boobs...

Well since I found this board  last week I have read it to death... and made the decision to see my levick...I've had a  good year financially so far and so I have no hesitation in spending £3.5k to sort this.

I emailed the priory the other day for a consultation with mr levick.. I am off to see him to see what he can do for me as soon as I can

only reservation I have is I am carrying plenty of fat at the moment.. so do I go in as I am so he can see the true extent of it or just get some serious gym time in and slim right down ...

which is best for the best results ?... does being fat make it easier to remove everything or harder ??

ta for reading and I'll pop some piccies up this week.

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pics here

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Hi Shaggy,

Ask Levick about the weight and if it will be a problem.  From what I remember he just goes in there and suck out all fat and gland from the chest area leaving it flat.  I am a little over weight now so my belly feels like it sticks out more.

Levick himself has a bit of a pot but a flat chest.

Whens the consultation?


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no date yet.. emailed other friday.. will ring if they haven't been in touch by wednesday

I want to get it done asap but if they best result will be after shedding some lard then I will book it for later in the year and then get stuck in at the gym

I do need to lose about 3 stone.. I dont look that fat as I am short and stocky but it's there and it will be more noticible if the DD's aint there to hand the tshirt out further..

Funny how the solution to one problem is the cause of another lol :D

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im not an expert on this but i think if you diet down to maybe around 9%bf... you will not have much fat at all except for the gyno related... then it will be much clearer for the doctor to see what hes gonna remove and to see if he missed something... the results would be easier to spot to i think...

good luck man

my 2 cents.

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cheers guys

Booked a consultation with Mr Levick for next week.. will see what the man has to say :)

Want the best results in the long run so whats 6 months of gym if the end result is better than without losing the wieght

will let you know how it goes and what he has to say about the wieight  issue

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consultation went fine.. he's the man who can ;)

Very laid back likeable guy, very down to earth ..with none of the often present "down the nose" attitude that many consultants have (I've seen enough private ones in the past to know a genuinely nice one when I see one)

Well can't really add anything else...

I went , I saw, we spoke , I booked .. April roll on  ;D

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hey shaggy dude

did he say what was the ideal body fat % to have for surgery? i take it its non issue as you booked?  thanks for any info


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