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I have had gynecomastia since I was 14. I didn't really take notice of it until 1 day I was getting changed for P.e and someone made fun of me on front of everyone. I only had it on one side. I am average height and skinny and very athletic which makes it stand out more. It hasn't stopped me playing the sports that I love such as football and running. The only thing is that I never take my shirt off in front of anyone and I can't wear the skin tight t-shirts I would love to wear. It is very painful to live with. I turned 18 in May and I'm also finished school now. As tradition with everyone from where I am from I went on holiday to Spain with 20 friends (10 boys and 10 girls). I knew it would be tough over there but I really wanted to go with them to celebrate finishing school. I was in a room with 4 people (2 boys and 2 girls). The lad that I was with was slightly overweight and he could walk around with his top off. It frustrated me to think that I couldn't do the same. I couldn't go swimming with everyone and I couldn't sunbathe due to the fear of being ridiculed. One night after being out in the clubs we all went for a midnight swim. The girls were begging me to go in because they couldn't understand why I wouldn't. They see me with my clothes on as an athletic skinny person but I'm not. I ended up going in the water and nothing was said about me (credit to them). It is since I've come back that I've decided that I really want surgery because I don't want the same problem next summer. The only problem being money and my parents. I have mentioned surgery before but they used to say it will go away itself or that I'm too young. I work part time so that is how I'm going to save up. I think the hardest part now is telling my parents that I'm getting surgery whether they like it or not. I live in Ireland and I have just emailed some place to enquire about prices. One other thing is that I have heard good reports from places in Poland. Has anyone had any experience with surgery in Poland? How much does it cost there?

God that felt good to get off my chest. Thanks for reading!



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